Hornets trade Brackins and Songaila for Green and Smith

March 26, 2010: Philadelphia 76ers guard Willie Green (33) can

What's that Willie Green? Coming to NOLA? You better not ruin our team like you did my NBA 2k10 My Player mode with all your pitiful long three-pointers...

Okay so I am really scratching my head now. What the heck is this? Alright sure, I have said numerous times that Songaila will be traded, and I never really expected Brackins to get any playing time. But trading these guys for Willie Green (who I do not like, NBA 2K10 MyPlayer mode had me tearing my hair out watching him take 3 point shot after 3 point shot) and Jason Smith just doesn’t seem like a good move.

For the details of the trade here they are at NOLA.com here’s the usual excerpt:

The New Orleans Hornets’ trade Thursday for combo guard Willie Green and 7-foot center Jason Smith continues General Manager Dell Demps’ remaking of the roster while molding it into a more athletic team.

Now it wasn’t that I loved Craig Brackins and Darius Songaila, it was just we traded away a first rounder and a 4.8 million expiring for an incompetent guard and a 7 footer that is probably worse than Aaron Gray.

We get two expiring contracts back in return, but good god this move is a head-scratcher. The real issue here is, couldn’t we get something better? Unless Dell Demps knows something about Jason Smith that we do not then this move is going to stink pretty bad.

Is it going to cripple us? No it won’t, but it certainly isn’t going to make us better in the short or long term. Another problem I have is what does this mean to the backup for David West?

I talked in detail about the potential of whether Brackins could eventually supplement West at the Power Forward position for years to come. The front-office obviously said no to that and made a move before the season. Maybe there is something in the works to bring in a power-forward, I don’t know but now there is a massive gap behind West leaving him to play 45 minutes a game. Since he’s my favourite player you’d think I’d be happy, but West is 30 nearing the end of his contract with no replacement in sight, paint me concerned for not only the short term but more importantly the long-term.

At The Hive sums up my thoughts pretty well as to the situation at hand:

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Hornets have dealt Craig Brackins and Darius Songaila to the Sixers for Willie Green and Jason Smith. Yeah. Cue the disclaimers that come with any rapid reaction, but this trade, assuming it’s not paving the way for another one, is bad.

I’m hoping, nay, I am praying there is another move to come, and I hope it doesn’t shape things up to bad. Maybe we see Peja’s massive contract gone for some actual decent talent, maybe not. But whatever it is I’m still scratching my head.

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