Chouest Pulls Out, Then Back In

What a busy past couple of days, New York Daily News reported that Chouest had apparently pulled out of his ownership bid for the remaining 65 percent of the team according to an anonymous source.

But according to a league official familiar with the Hornets’ rocky ownership situation, the deal fell apart.

“Chouest didn’t step up,” the source said. “He’s not going to buy the team from George. It looks as if George will have to hold onto it.”

Then today the Times-Picuyune reported that it was not the case and that by the regular-season opener the sale could go through.

A story in Saturday’s New York Daily News indicated that Gary Chouest was dropping his bid to acquire George Shinn’s 65 percent of the Hornets.

League sources with knowledge of the negotiations said Saturday night that was erroneous and Chouest, who owns 35 percent of the club, was still working to finalize the deal for the remaining 65 percent. It’s possible things could be finalized before the Oct. 27 regular season opener.

Okay here is my bigtime problem with this.

This is the second time a New York paper or reporter has used an un-named source to swirl specualtion around about the Hornets organisation. Continually the citing of un-named sources “close to the situation” is used as credible information and to put it bluntly it pisses me off.

It’s quite clear that these reporters have hidden agenda’s to get Chris Paul news swirling once again. If you think I’m being a conspirator then you must call these New York reporters the same, due to their use of non-credible information and pure specualtion.

Paul may very well leave, but that’s not at least for another year (and off-season). The reason this is allowed to happen is because of one main reason.

It’s big media market vs. small media market.

All the bland, un-educated NBA fans out there jump on this and use it as their ammunition to support their feelings about acquiring talent to a franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs in ten years.

I’ll have more on our pre-season action soon, but this storyline was much more important at current.

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