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New Orleans Hornets Beat The Miami Heat!

For all the offseason banter, hype, coverage, whatever you want to call it, your New Orleans Hornets are 5 and Oh. Both the Heat and Hornets had juxtaposing offseasons as members of the media annoited the Heat’s Haul, and drooled over the Chris Paul trade rumors. But I have said it from the very beginning, winning takes care of everything. You can dissect and discuss things all you want, but at the end of the day, does your team win?

Today The Hornets put in one of the best efforts I have seen since the 2008 playoffs. Plain and simple, it is the truth. Any way you cut it this team played their tails off, they really wanted this one, and the Heat did not.

The only time Miami looked even remotely interested was with 2 minutes to go. You could see them cutting, playing with energy and all that. But the Hornets defense was just to good.

The intensity of the team is back and you can tell the guys are playing like a team possessed.

Let’s head over the jump for the delicious recap of what was a night for the men in creole blue.

Good Stuff:

  • If you don’t start with Emeka Okafor for this one you clearly didn’t watch the game. He was insane. This has to be the best game of his career going 12 of 13 from the field, being active on the defensive glass and constantly altering shots. Okafor had the mis-match all game long and punished the Heat for it. As well a new slightly altered version of the CCC might be back as Chris Paul hit Okafor in the opening moments of the game for the thunderous dunk. Mekaokafor as he shall henceforth be known finished with a team high 26 points, 13 rebounds and a blocked shot.
  • 19 Assists on 3 turnovers and 5 steals, this is indeed the man of steel, Chris Paul. After today’s game many will quiet their Chris Paul rumors, probably even shut them up for good because the MVP is back. He made James Jones look like discarded bunch of bones, that was unbelievable. Often the Heat would try to take the ball out of CP’s hands only for him to give it to a team-mate for the score. Great game from Chris, this game should keep him in NOLA for quite a while.
  • Have to give it up to Marco Belinelli and Trevor Ariza. These dudes played some defense and then some tonight. Marco played Dwayne so well tonight, his team-mates helped him on the pick and roll and he made sure that Wade never got the step on him. Trevor played Lebron as well as you can forcing him to as many tough shots as possible. As well Ariza hit a huge shot at the end of the game that put the game out to 4, big clutch play.
  • Jason Smith, oh how I adore you. Monty said after the game, “We didn’t expect his play in the preseason to carry in to the regular season, but it has and he’s been huge.” And boy is he right. With West picking up to many early fouls, Smith came in and pulled up the slack. It’s finally great to see a bigman be productive off the bench, let’s hope it continues. I have to say though that his main form of scoring is the midrange shot. Once teams adjust on it and he starts missing more I hate to say it but his offensive production may wither down.
  • Willie Green is an animal. Dude is just a fighter, he played great, tough defense tonight making sure that nothing was easy for the Heat. We need to remember he was actually a starter in Philly, so having him off the bench can be our definition of a “luxury.”
  • David West did a nice job of fighting his way back into the game hitting some tough shots down the stretch, those free-throws were torture until he made them.
  • We outrebounded the Heat 42-36, Chris Paul had as many assists as the entire Miami team, 19 and the Horents are apparently the best on the defensive glass so far this season, that’s a far cry from a year ago.
  • Monty Williams is a scheming genious and our little Popovich, sorry San Antonio.
  • We have not let an opponent score more than 100 points this season.

Bad Stuff:

  • For those of you still rolling around in joy stop reading now and comment below.
  • We let the Heat back into the game, it’s not really a negative per se because their always going to get back in it, but you would’ve liked to of seen them never get a sniff.
  • The God-Damn-Refs. You all know what I’m talking about.
  • DJ Mbenga, how many times have we said that!

Other Observations:

  • Our crowd was awesome tonight. Sellout, something the Heat have never achieved this year…
  • Chris Bosh is a tad overrated. He had 1 rebound tonight…
  • The celebrities were out tonight The Saints were there with Drew Brees, Darren Sharper and Tracy Porter. Rap artist Lil Wayne was there after getting released from jail recently.
  • The National media is going to be all over this…Listening to them babble on about the Hornets (not really knowing what they’re talking about) is both amusing and enraging at the same time. Maybe this might wake people up to the fact that CP3 is the MVP.

Next up is Milwaukee. We need to savor this victory but remember that there are nearly 77 games left…Teams will adjust and make plays on this team we have to remain open-minded, something Heat fans have a tough time coming to grips with, let’s be above that nonsense.

Final Word: Ecstasy

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  • Riggs

    That’s a huge game from the Hornets !!! I hope they’ll product the same effort tonight against MIL !

    Shout out to you James Grayson ! Your blog is fantastic, you are posting great articles !
    I’m French and it’s hard to find good blogs on the Hornets.

    Keep going man !

    • James Grayson

      Thanks for your comments Riggs, always good to know that my stuff makes people more engaged with the team, it’s why guys like Rohan over @tH, and the boys at Hornets247 do the stuff they do.

      Milwaukee is going to be a killer, they want revenge and are a very good team. I expect them to make a number of adjustments to last time because they are very well coached. Add in the fact they are at home and it could indeed be time to fear the deer rather than spearing it.

  • Ocram Akfilop

    I also always enjoy you write-ups. It is also always nice to see that the international fanbase is there.
    This game was just awesome. The one tonight against Milwaukee has all the signs of a let-down game: emotional win the night before, long travel and revenge by the opponent. What I love, and it has been stated before, is Monty’s time management. I truly expected the starters (especially Chris) to play 40 or more minutes. CP still didnt play more than the 36 minutes he is supposed to average. Amazing

    • James Grayson

      Thanks man, I always appreciate your comments, get’s a little discussion going here as well.

      Your spot on about the time management. Previous regime’s have played Paul for 40+ minutes and lost plenty of games, but Paul hasn’t even got close this year and we’re 5-0!

      The bench has really stepped up bigtime and Monty’s faith in them has payed dividends.

  • nikkoewan

    hey james! love reading both your blog and your comments over @ 247 and ATH. More commenting and fun for us REAL hornets fans.

    Now for the game, i think for the bucks game, we will see how Monty re-adjusts his game plan. He did a great job on our first game, and it seems to me that if Monty make that right decisions on re-adjustments(adjustments regarding what Mil might do such as maybe they will stay home on Jason Smith? maybe they make Paul a scorer? see the contrast in that? LOL).. it is definitely winnable, although i wouldn’t be surprised if we lost.( we are coming of a back to back of a emotional win from the Heat). However, me thinks CP3 will carry this to the end, and carry us to another win before resting a day and taking on Houston.. That is all. GEAUX JAMES GRAY-SON HAHA

    • James Grayson

      You know I am indeed related to Aaron Gray as I am indeed his long lost son.

      I as well am not happy that DJ Mbenga is getting minutes and will do something about it.

      It will be interesting to see the Bucks’ gameplan and if they do indeed force Paul to be a scorer it could be a mistake. But I think that’s what you have to do, try and make him become a long range shooter and force him to make those shots. The Bucks have a great staff and I fully expect them to bring out the big-guns.

      Back-to-backs are tough, but everyone has them, you just have to go out there and play.

  • nikkoewan

    Another win James! WOOT!

    • James Grayson

      Yes! Haha, Recap will be up soon!

      What a game though.

  • Ollie

    enjoyed the MEKAOKAFOR

  • janglesjr

    Hornets pick up Bosh and Iggy? WOW!