With the Hornets playing great defensive basketball CP3 is back as your MVP

Hornets Beat The Portland Trail Blazers

Sorry folks for the lack of coverage the past week, it’s been busy times with various studies and moving household furniture taking priority. While I’ve been busy the Hornets have extended their unbeaten run to 8 wins giving them a record of 8 wins and 0 losses, beautiful.

Today New Orleans beat Portland by 20 points with a scoreline of 107-87 again holding their oppoenent to under 100 points. Defense is the mantra in the Bayou and you get the feeling that this team can do something special. Holding a Blazers team to under 90 points is a feat in itself. Portland is a top notch offensive team and we were able to force them into tough shots.

I have to say this was one of the uglier games of basketball I’ve seen. The Hornets were constantly muddled up by Portland’s zone and vica versa. For a nice lead heading into the 3rd Portland reached within 6 of the Hornets, but with Jason Smith hustling for the loose ball they never saw the Bees again.

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Good Stuff:

  • Hat-tip to the bench tonight, they really did us proud. Guys like Jason Smith and Willie Green constantly show up to give the team a much needed spark. That 76ers trade is downright theft as Smith and Green average a combined 16.3 points off the bench, while Brackins and Songaila average a combined 0 points and have a combined 5 minutes total for the season, wow.
  • Extended bench credit to Peja Stojakovic. Tonight Monty decided that it would be best to play Peja at the Power Forward position and let him round loose. He shot all his field goal attempts from 3 point range making 3-7.
  • Marco Belinelli was stroking it tonight. He finished with 18 points but did it in a variety of ways getting open looks on the catch and shoot, driving with to his left and doing reverse layups. I really see Marco as a young-mans Peja. Okay maybe he isn’t the scorer that Peja was, but I still view him as that added shooting dimension to the starting lineup.
  • Ole quiet David West dropped 18 points on the Blazers and to be honest I didn’t really notice it. I found out he had 16 points heading into the 4th and I was stunned.
  • Emeka Okafor continues to show up the people that think less of him. The Portland commentators were saying what a terrible game he was having before one of them bothered to look at his stats and they discovered he had 14 points, 12 rebounds and 2 blocked shots. They immeditatly stopped talking.
  • Once again you have to love Monty Williams. He really is doing a tremendous job getting the team ready for each night. His rotations are stellar as not one player on the entire team played more than 33 minutes, wow!
  • Patrick Mills my boy is on the Blazers, this is good stuff!

Bad Stuff:

  • Chris Paul‘s 5 turnovers, yuck! I don’t think he had his first one until the 3rd and then started giving the ball to the Blazers. Some of his passes were down right terrible and I expect this to immediately change. Everyone is prone to off nights. Still he finished with 11 points, 13 assists and 5 steals, nice huh?
  • Marcus Thornton sitting on the bench makes me eternally sad. I don’t know what is up with the coaching staff, but they continue to shun Marcus. I really hope for his sake he see’s this as temporary and uses the experience as motivation. Good god I want him on the floor…
  • Trevor Ariza really can check out mentally at times. After a nice pressuring 1st quarter he checked out for the rest of the game. Oh and he also went 0-5 from 3 point range.
  • 24 attempts from 3 point range for the team. If it weren’t for Marco hitting those three’s at the end it would’ve looked really ugly.
  • Jerryd Bayless‘ passing can at times seem retarded. On a few occasions he completely whiffed on some passes.

Other Observations:

  • While there was less than 15,000 people it sure seemed like more than that on TV. Shout out to Ticktock6 and mW for their crowd antics.
  • The Blazers commentators were half-decent, I’d certainly rather listen to them than our CST game voices.
  • Portland’s owner was working his moves tonight with some actress. I hope he doesn’t have a wife…
  • It’s a sad sight to see Brandon Roy go down with injuries. Roy is actually one of my favourite NBA players and the fact his knee’s are the same as 60 year old really makes me sad. I hope for the Blazers sake he has a speedy recovery.

Next up is Dallas on the road then at home. I think for this season the Mavericks are tough and talented, but for the long haul are in some trouble. I think we are in high jeopardy of ending our winning streak in the next two games, this should make Tim Legler happy.

Final Word: Dominance

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