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Hornets-Sonics: Durant & Co. Wipe New Orleans Out In Fourth

Remember all those times where there would be near flawless offensive execution late in the stretch? Yea, me neither because tonight was yet again another example of the Hornets collapsing and giving up a lead heading into the fourth quarter. Every single player is accountable here because no one produced an ounce of offensive production it was just a case of Chris Paul giving it to David West in the post and chucking up an off-balance hook shot.

Defensively we still seem decent but the problem of not creating is starting to drive me up the wall.

OPTION 1: Chris Paul dribbles to the right side gives it David West in the post.

OPTION 2: Chris Paul demands screen from West dribbles to his right, West fades looking for jumper, Paul still on perimeter, reset.

OPTION 3: Chris Paul with no other option gives it to Trevor Ariza or Marco Belinelli for long three pointer to end the shot clock.

Those 3 options all happen in the same possession and are inherently predictable, dull and almost certainly result in low percentage shots. It’s not that it won’t give you points, but it’s just that against good to great defensive teams will automatically shut it down with ease.

The Hornets need to forcefully switch their mentality. They need to drive, cut harder and move more often, that’s what gets you easier points.

God I’m so sick of the Byron Scott offense.

Good Stuff

  • As usual the Hornets got out to a nice start in part because Chris Paul forced the issue. He was aggressive and was looking to drive to get nice shots near the basket. It’s something he didn’t do in the fourth but never mind about that.
  • Emeka Okafor played decent albeit not outstanding. When he received the ball from Paul he caught and shot or drew contact and that’s exactly what he needs to do more often.

Bad Stuff

  • I knew we’d lose this one primarily due to the fact we played horribly last night, but if this team doesn’t realize that games are won in the fourth and not first then we are going to be in for a long season.
  • The Sonics got to the line 29 times, they are the best in the league at getting there but a lot of the calls on Durant went his way (who am I kidding they all went his way). It seems to be our only form of defense around the painted area bar a few Emeka Okafor blocks.
  • There is also another facet of this game that has not been mentioned that really killed us tonight and that was rebounding. Once again the Hornets showed their lack of prowess on the boards as the Sonics gobbled up 51 rebounds to the Hornets 36. It’s amazing how we still have this inability to box out players and give them gifts but good god we have to sharpen up our performance.
  • This was a dismal team effort and I won’t single out any players names except Willie Green, Jarrett Jack, Jason Smith and Marco Belinelli. All need to give a hand and stop being passive with the basketball and get to the hoop.

Other Outrageous Observations

  • The Hornets are 4-5 in their last 9 games.
  • After starting out the first 10 games with a +8.9 for the season the Hornets are now +3.6.
  • Chris Paul took a nasty shot in the second half and it looked like it was serious. He got back up though and played the rest of the game.

Next up is the Charlotte Bobcats at home, for goodness sakes we better blow them out. Don’t get disheartened though this has been a particlarly tough stretch of games and we’ve come out 12-5. The team needs to regroup and get refocused and put together another win streak because that’s what the NBA is all about, winning streaks.

Final Word: Indifference

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