Creative Solutions For The New Orleans Hornets Attendance Problems

Changing the light-bulbs on the CCC can make people curious and inquisitive

I know you Hornet fans are sick of it so I am too. This whole “Hornets are going to move” crap is in a word, moronic. There has been for a long time an inherent desire by the mainstream NBA fans and commentators to get basketball out of the city of New Orleans. For most it’s a motivation to get all professional basketball out of small-city markets. The inherent issue at discussion here is the terrible crowd numbers in the first  9 home games in the New Orleans Arena. Everyone will agree that having 12,000 fans to a San Antonio Spurs game is just not on, also when your team has a winning record it’s not at all acceptable to have 11,000 people at any game.

So rather than dull you with some boring rhetoric I thought I’d come up with some creative ways to rally people to more Hornet games. Some you may like others you may not, most of it is all just for fun.

So head over the jump for some of these ingenious plans I put forth.

White Wash The Town With Creole Blue

I know it’s only December and so there really isn’t any need for this. But for the sake of being as ludicrous as the entire thought of the Hornets moving tomorrow bare with me. So the idea is basic, if you live anywhere near downtown New Orleans represent the Fleur de Bee. Because there might not be people willing to do this Chris Paul will decide to take it upon himself to run down Canal Street, Bourbon Street and the French Quarter painting the streets creole blue yelling, “We dem Hornets, come see meeeeee!” He will be in a somewhat crazy, ludicrous almost non-approachable state, but behind him several musicians play a tune known as “Those Hornets Are Marchin’ In.” The Arena is given a paint-job and face lift to give it some colour and personality, fans will then peel back around head to the Arena as people rally behind in excitement and Paul will run in hit the game winner and the party continues on.

A Computer Geek Hacks In

We get the finest most nerdy person in New Orleans to hack in to CST coverage of the Hornets game and broadcast it across every channel. So when folks turn there TV’s on they won’t see the Saints game but they’ll see Chris Paul and David West playing basketball. Enraged fans will flock to the Arena to protest only to purchase a ticket and take up the Hornets as their second favorite team behind the Saints. Musicians will have their power cut at all bars and restaurants only to have a loud message over the speaker have Chris Paul state “The Power has been cut-off due to lack of support for the Hornets, all New Orleanians must now make their way to the Arena and purchase a ticket if their privleges are to be returned.” Dell Demps waits outside the turnstiles nodding his head, with a big grin on his face.

Mardi Gras Parade Is Run Through  Le Ruche Novellues Des Orleans

I thought first we must change the name of the “New Orleans Arena” to something a little more New Orleanian. We shall call it Le Ruche Novellues Orleans translating it’s The Hive of New Orleans. If we are to truly integrate the Hornets into the culture of the Bayou something a bit more flavorsome should be thought up. In addition Police and town-officials will force the Mardi Gras parade through the newly named Arena as fans pack it to the tune of various bands and jazz musicians.

Get David Stern To Party

Simple enough really get the commissioner in an altered state at one of the numerous spirited bars, with that he embraces the idea of basketball in New Orleans and all is back to normal.

Lighting Up The Connection of the Crescent City

For every Hornets win a new Creole Blue Light is illuminated on the Crescent City bridge. The Lights should be big enough to distinguish themselves from the normal one’s already in place.

If you guys have any more idea’s please fill them out in the comment section below I think we really need to create a “buzz” that the Hornets are back and forget about everything surrounding them. Sure there are ownership concerns, attendance issues, Chris Paul ones, but I think we need to embrace the team more so than we’ve already done. It’s vital that we make the most of the team while they’re here and the players no matter the situation, enjoy the moment now and stop worrying about the future, it’ll take care of itself.

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