Hornets-Spurs: A Franchise’s Turmoil Is The Team’s One Too

Today’s game was an embarressment from everyone not named Chris Paul. I don’t feel like getting into it to much partly because I didn’t watch most of the game but it’s a damn shame that both on-court and off-court situations are falling through the floor. It seemed only a few weeks ago that things were rosy and promising on both ends, the Hornets were 8-0 and Gary Chouest was about to purchase the team. Now both things have gone in the complete opposite direction and we’re right back where we were a few months ago.

Sad times Hornet fans…

Here’s some statistics:

Chris Paul: 16 points/8 assists/5 rebounds

David West: 13 points/5 rebounds

Trevor Ariza: 13 points/5 rebounds

Aaron Gray: 9 points/4 rebounds

Final Word: Sigh…

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  • Riggs

    That was a beautiful game for the Spurs fans ! They were hot !
    It was awful… They weren’t any offensive execution I think they need to work on that because we are stagnant on offense ! Against many teams our defense is enough but against Dallas and San Antonio it is not. This exactely why we lost to Clippers early, our offensive execution…

    Thanks for the articles James

    It’s hard time but they are going to be good ;-)