It's time to Save Our Hornets...Where are you 4000 mysterious fans?

Save Our Hornets

The past few weeks have been, in short, disastrous for all things New Orleans Hornets. We all knew there were problems with our organisation, but now everything is out for the world to see. We have debt problems, ownership/investing problems, poor fan attendance and that’s not even talking about our roster issues. It seems to me that there’s so much to digest here. I’ve forgone the usual importance of game-day to be only worried about our crowd attendance. It’s a shame really to be bickering about things that should be an after-thought, a mere “Oh we had 19,000 people tonight, wow!” All these things added up make us question our very fanhood.

So I tell you this Hornet fans, it’s time to stop worrying and make the most of every moment the franchise is in one of the greatest cities on the planet, New Orleans.

To make the most we have to Save Our Hornets, just like Seattle, only this time we have to be successful.

If we stop painting the doom and gloom picture for a second, think about how we can actively participate in an effort to keep the team in New Orleans. If we can get just one kid to be excited about the Hornets think about if he/she went and told his/her friends how awesome it was and then have those other kids demand their parents take them to a game. That’s what Save Our Hornets is all about, rallying up interest.

Even though it may seem futile you have to give effort. Take a friend to the game, make it a family outing, do something. Rather than just sit there and say, “wow you hear we only had 11,000 people at the Hornets game? Man I think we’re losing that team,” stand up and make the most of it!

I’m sick to death of all these passive, bandwagon, fair-weather fans that simply jump on a good thing. That isn’t what supporting sport is all about. If it was then what is the point. People around me always say that sport Is life and life is sport. The highs and lows of the two correlate so perfectly it’s why sport is so big.

If sport were merely just a bunch good moments on top of good moments it’d be a mere imitation of what it’s like to be a Lakers fans. The ups and downs are why we support teams like the Hornets because we fight against the grain. It’s why we have to save them from becoming yet another big-city, rhetoric filled, conformed franchise.

Saints fans (that aren’t Hornet fans) embrace the idea of the Hornets leaving town. To me the word hypocrisy comes to mind when these people even conjure up the notion. Why would a Saints fan who laughs at the viability of a basketball franchise do so when their franchise (Saints) was thought of the same way for 40 plus years. The struggles of the Saints franchise are the same reasons why it felt so sweet when they won the Superbowl.

It’s not simply a case of “backing a loser in the hopes of them winning” it’s backing our loser in the hopes of us winning. I know it sounds complicated but that’s the reality of it, we do it because we love it. We support our team even with the knowledge that everything seems bleak.

I know that this campaign may not in all likelihood result in the 4,000+ fans we need to get to the games, but that’s what this whole thing is directed to. Those 4,000 people that just jump on a good thing, we need them to jump on a bad thing right now.

So if you are one of those people that used to attend Hornet games, do so again and do it 13 times over.

Hornets247 is the place you need to go to support this cause, and the official website of the New Orleans Hornets is where you go for tickets.

If all my words cannot persuade you then please, just go for me. It’s tough siting on the other side of the planet knowing that not only is a city getting their team removed from them, but the Hornet brand will be removed from the NBA. So go for me if your that kind hearted and tell me about your experience because I may never get to see my Hornets live in person…

  • Caleb

    “If sport were merely just a bunch good moments on top of good moments it’d be a mere imitation of what it’s like to be a Lakers fans.”

    Ha! Great line.

    “Saints fans (that aren’t Hornet fans) embrace the idea of the Hornets leaving town.”

    Woah. Really? I’m a Saints fan but I don’t really visit the boards much or take part in the online community like I try to do with the Hornets… so I didn’t know. There are really many Saints-only fans who want to see the Hornets go? That’s crazy, and horrible and absolutely hypocritical. I guess they don’t remember that San Antonio almost got the Saints after Katrina.

    Unrelated: It’s great to have another awesome Hornets blog around. You are doing a great job Grayson… even if you are a Falcons fan!

    • James Grayson

      Haha Thanks Caleb it’s good to see some support too.

      As for the Saints thing, I’m basically saying there is a minority of those fans that deep down want to see the Hornets leave town because they “don’t fit the mesh of what it means to be a New Orleanian.”

      I’m really referring to those fans that have this sense of arrogance about them and that the Hornets can’t ever fit the culture of New Orleans.

      Take for example the whole notion that we need to drastically change our colours. What’s wrong with the Creole Blue colour? The front office has done a terrific job of creating a brand that can fit the culture, some people just need to stop being stubborn.

      Anyway thanks for the comment, we need everyone to support this movement.

  • lucas

    I totally agree. If the Hornets leave New Orleans and go to Seattle, the Hornets brand will cease to exist. It’s time to New Orleans to come together to not let that happen. And this union get started! Against the Thunder this Friday! You can no longer delay this action. Save the Hornets!

    • James Grayson

      Thanks Lucas you’re exactly right. Even international fans like myself need to be highly concerned because if the team was to move the Hornets brand would more than likely disappear.

      More than anything though the city of New Orleans is a great one and deserves a professional basketball franchise.

  • Chris Trew

    Good read. I’m doing all I can from Austin.

    • James Grayson

      Thanks Chris, we need to rally support and do it quick if the Hornets are to stand a chance in New Orleans. I know things seem “OK” now but wait 6 months and things will flip the script.

  • Sonicsgate

    it is not the fans who are at fault. Seattle tried pretty hard to screw things up and we still had a chance to save the team. It is good to see that the politicians came out to talk but they are just asking bossiness to buy tickets? Is there any lease renegotiation? We know how this feels for you!! We are all fans!

    I hope the Hornets fans can watch “Sonicsgate: Requiem for a team” see how we lost our team.

    Great Blog Mr. Grayson!! lots of good stuff. A true fan.