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Hornets-Timberwolves: New Orleans Rolls Over And Plays Dead

Before we begin let me say that this post will be a big-time rant. I cannot fathom how you can lose to a mediocre, no wait, terrible team like the T’Wolves. It is inexcusable. This one falls on the leaders, the coaches and everyone in between. If you want to be a playoff team you have to beat teams like this, it is a given.

Somehow though the Hornets don’t see things like that. The figured they already have this one in their back pocket and walk into it with the sense of oblivion as to what the NBA is all about. Yes any team can win on any given night, but not when you know you’re a better basketball team.

Full credit to Minnesota, they played their tails off and really were the more focused unit out there. The Hornets were not and it’s exactly why they lost tonight. Just when you think everything is back on track, the team relaxes and gives up a doozy to a crummy team like Minnesota.

No Good Stuff and Bad Stuff today just a bunch of dot-points blasting the individuals, if they won’t name names I sure as heck will.

  • Chris Paul, I know he’s a great leader but for goodness sakes he has to get this team going. Great first half, but is he really a great player or just a “one-half wonder.” It seems everytime Paul goes out there he plays one half of basketball, I don’t get it, why doesn’t he dominate every second he’s on the court?
  • Trevor Ariza, he is killing my love for all things basketball. He’s not a jumpshooter, everyone knows it, except him. When we tell a guy like Peja Stojakovic to keep on shooting and get on out of his slump, we tell Ariza to just sit down in the corner and think about what he’s done. Only problem with that is that Ariza leaps out of the corner chucks up 20 bricks and call is a night. Hmm…
  • Emeka Okafor, dear god his offensive inconsistencies is like watching a child getting hit by a baseball bat straight across the face, we all knows it’s coming, we can’t help but look away and the kid whinces right before the impact and then “Boom!” goes the dynamite.
  • Every other member on the team, it seems like you wanted the Timberwolves starters to all get in double figures. I cannot understand why or how they did such a thing, but they did.

I could write something about holding your head up high and all that, but the truth is I don’t get this team. One minute they are up and the very next they are down. Sure it’s a long season but the trends are alarming. Chris Paul and David West cannot do it by themselves and it doesn’t seem like anyone else on the team gets that. Just when we praise guys on the team we reverse our opinion on them in the very next instance.

This my friends is inconsistency.

It’s a terrible trait and one I loathe about time and time again. Teams that can’t win when they should do not deserve to be talked about in the playoffs. Sure New Orleans might grab a playoff spot, but they won’t actually do anything about it. Unless guys like Trevor Ariza, Marco Belinelli and Emeka Okafor start showing up more often this team is doomed to live the life of a drug addict, the highs seem higher and lows seem lower.

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