NBA Trade Deadline Looms, Any Moves For The Hornets?

Is Carl Landry an attractive option for the Hornets?

I was thinking the other day just how offensively inept this team is and how we still are searching for that third consistent option to create for themselves and others. The bench, as it is currently constructed, lacks a creator. Jarrett Jack and Willie Green cannot create their own shot, Marcus Thornton is in a serious funk and Quincy Pondexter is still learning the ropes of the NBA style of play. It’s no need to panic, but should the Hornets go out there and see what the market is trading?

To be brutalliy honest it seems like even if there were some decent options out there (which I’ll get into later) the Hornets don’t possess the assets necessary to pull off a trade. Marcus Thornton has fantastic upside but his tiny-microscopic like contract will make it tough to garner equal value in return. Jarrett Jack is not showcasing his ability to initiate the offense and his poor numbers will make other general managers cringe.

Personally any trade at this time of the year is one made for a year or two down the track. If the Hornets were to make a large play at a bigger name and ripping up the roster now it jeopardises the immediate chances of a playoff run. Offering stability to the roster is what needs to be had. While it’s imperative the organisation looks to improve it’s also vital they maintain and promote cohesion. It’s a tough balance to find but one of upmost importance.

So when February the 18th looms don’t think the Hornets are tearing up their roster, nor think they won’t make a move if an offer they like comes along.

Well let’s look at some players that have been rumored to be on the trade market.

Andray Blatche

The Washington Wizards haven’t had the most successful season and in turn players are on the hot seat. Andray Blatche the talented bigman is rumored to be on the trading block and the Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be very interested. After watching Blatche the other day I can say I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be. He does have a big pool of talent but I’m not sure how dedicated he is to winning. Again we’d have to give up backcourt talent and is that something we should really be giving up (considering our bench and others are stinking up the joint)?

Carl Landry

With the Kings flunking for much of the year players like Carl Landry have become hot talk around the league. It’s speculated that ownership doesn’t want to get rid of Demarcus Cousins or even Omir Casspi and as a result Landry is the odd man out. With one year left on his contract the Kings hope to get some value in return for the bigman who they traded for just a year ago.

If the Hornets were to make a run at Landry you could expect Marcus Thornton and another player to be added to get Landry. While I really like Carl, I think the lack of a creative 2-guard on our roster makes a trade for Landry highly risky. I’d love to have a go at him in free agency, if he was still there.

Corey Brewer

It’s been heavily speculated that the Timberwolves are wanting to move both Brewer and Ridnour in order to reshape their roster. I’ll be honest, I am very high on Corey Brewer. I love his potential and he seems like an honest hard worker that’s willing to do what it takes to win games. He’s a small-forward/shooting guard and he has length. I’m not sure where his value is, it could be relatively high.

Some Wild-Card Names Being Thrown Out There

  • Nicolas Batum
  • O.J. Mayo
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Gerald Wallace

Now again these are all mere rumors and specualtions. There are no concrete facts behind the possible departures of these players. This is more a mission to see who the Hornets might target in the lead up to the deadline. There’s no way we can understand what Dell Demps is thinking of right now. I figure he should be more concerned with stability than shaking things up.

Leave your comments down below for some of your trade ideas.

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  • Cory Jellicoe

    I agree on Corey Brewer – he would help the Hornets alot. Defensively he has length, takes charges, gets steals, gives 100% effort. On offense he can score 20 every now and then, can hit the outside shot, and draws fouls and gets to the FT line. He would compliment the Hornets back court really well with Chris Paul, or make a great 6th man

    • James Grayson

      Yea Corey is the most attractive player, but I think the Wolves rate him highly so they’ll want a lot in return. Not sure who we have on our roster other than Thornton that might float their boat.

      • GusMcKenzie

        I think Brewer would fit very well with the Hornets providing a high energy spark either starting or off the bench and playing with Paul would improve his offensive efficiency almost instantly. The Wolves aren’t as high on Brewer as you would think as they are heavily laden with similar players to Brewer (Webster and Johnson) I would imagine a package including Thornton +- Cash and or 2nd round pick would get the job done.

        • James Grayson

          Yea I guess it could. But the problem would be that the Wolves aren’t getting something different in return, they are getting back another shooting guard.

          I think it would be to much of a lateral move on both teams part. I like Thornton and Brewer I’m not sure which one I prefer (even if Marcus is struggling this year).

  • Blake Lovell

    Definitely some interesting possibilities here, James.

    At first I thought Landry might be a good deal, but once you think about it a little more, I just don’t know how he would fit. You’ve already got West and Okafor playing at a high level, so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense trade guard pieces for a post piece.

    Shooting guard is obviously the target area here, and Mayo might be the best at that position on the list.

    But, in terms of chemistry and getting the most value from a trade, Brewer is probably your man. He’s a hard worker that would fit right in with this group, and while he may not be the piece that gets them to the Finals, it would be a great pickup for sure.

    • James Grayson

      Yea you’re right Blake. It’s tough to calculate any of the above players value because we aren’t the ones making the phone calls. But I think that most of them would need talent in return in order to make a trade work.

      I don’t think the Hornets have the necessary trade chips to make a deal for Corey Brewer or any of the above unless the team is willing to move Marcus Thornton or Marco Belinelli.

      The main point of my article is really just to throw some names out there and see what the market is doing. From what I can tell there is some talent out there heading into the deadline.