No way to stop Denver tonight, especially when we played zero defense

Nuggets 114, Hornets 103: Who Cares? The Defense Doesn't

The Hornets face numerous playoff teams above and below them in their final 13 games of the regular season, the first of these they crumbled. It’s been established that the identity of New Orleans is a defensive juggernaut that losses by their offense. Emeka Okafor has no interest in continuing that trend fouling early and often to ensure he sits on the bench. The Hornet were out-rebounded 43-31 which was key to losing this game, any stop Denver had they made sure they got the board, outlet pass and jacked up the three pointer.

Denver was on fire. The Hornets meanwhile had no interest in changing circumstances. In the first half the Nuggets shot the three and dunked the ball, no in between. Thank Emeka Okafor for that.

David West didn’t help matter going 2 of 9 and scoring a measly 6 points, not going to help brother.

There’s not much more I can say, the Nuggets were on fire (17 three pointers, you’ll never win if the opponent has that many) and we didn’t care to play a lick of defense.

Good Stuff

  • The Box score says Chris Paul had a nice game, 27 points on 16 shots, 10 assists on 2 turnovers, 7 steals and 5 rebounds. But outside of being pesky on defense he had a hard time closing out on the shooting point guards. That’s all Ty Lawson and Raymond Felton do, shoot three pointers, stop that please.
  • Willie Green the only other Hornet to post decent statistics, how did he get 3, 3-pointers?

Bad Stuff

  • Emeka Okafor
  • The defense
  • Coaching staff

Next up is Phoenix, have a good night y’all.

Final Word: Lackadaisical

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  • nikkoewan

    i think you’re undermining our defense. it was decent. not great like what we’re used to, but it was decent. problem was shots were just raining down. Lawson’s heave, Felton and Chandler who are career 30+ 3pt% go hot on us, even JR Smith with his incredible shots.
    we need Ariza and Okafor to play like its December – January, there best stretches as Hornets. If that happens, and Landry starts mixing it up from the bench. Watch out!

    Great work James! :)

    • James Grayson

      I think a lot of it was the fact that the Hornets let Denver set their feet. The Nuggets also love running the fast break and they got a number of shots out of the because their shooters ran to the three-point line, set their feet and let it fly.

      Monty has encouraged the “no layups” mentality, but these three-pointers are killing us.

  • lucas

    Okafor returned from injury playing very badly. He returned to commit many fouls early, didn’t show the least offensive ability (oh, how I miss Tyson Chandler!) and was also wrong in his specialty, the defense. I am very concerned about our big men. If we go into the playoffs playing like this we will be swept away.

    • James Grayson

      Okafor actually is producing on the court, it’s just he’s on there for so few minutes that he can produce to a bigger degree.