And-One Last Contract For David West

Chris Paul: Dude resign! I will too -- David West: I don't know man how loyal are you to me?

Even with the season coming to a dramatic close the news about David West’s contract continues to swirl around the NBA blogosphere. Just recently Monty Williams commented on the delicate issue stating “He’s earned the right to choose and I’ve talked to him about that on a few occasions.”

Hardly a bone-crushing statement, but it does have its merits.

For today’s article we are going to run through some scenario’s of what could happen and what the outcome may be.

David West, a 30 year old power forward drafted by the New Orleans Hornets in 2003 is still plugging away. His statistics have remained steady and he gives any team 19 points and 7 rebounds every night. The chemistry that he and Chris Paul have is one that cannot be messed with. It’s no doubt that the All-Star point guard maximizes the All-Star forwards potential. So let’s run through some scary scenario’s.

Scenario #1 — The Hornets Miss The Playoffs

While you hear most Hornet fans discussing who they want in the playoffs, it’s not entirely obtuse to think they might miss them entirely. Currently they are playing very inconsistent basketball, their bench comes and goes and it really is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

The Houston Rockets are just three games behind the Bayou ballclub, have won 7 of their last 10 compared to New Orleans’ 5 from 10. Again, it’s not entirely off base to think we could miss the playoffs entirely.

If such an event were to happen you could bet that David West would be looking elsewhere and really considering other teams offers. However if we place ourselves in David’s shoes you know he will want to play for a contender, at the right price. If such an offer comes along and the Hornets have missed the playoffs, it doesn’t matter what offer we put down, he’s gone. It’s the brutal reality, but one we have to face if such a scenario was to play out.

What would make this even more interesting is in the event that West should leave you could bet your bottom dollar that CP3 would be joining the exodus and request to leave. I really cannot understate how important making the playoffs is for our long term future. Forget playoff matchups, let’s just get there.

Chance of scenario happening: 10%

Scenario #2 — The Hornets Make Playoffs And Lose First Round Series

The most likely of all the possible outcomes is a first round playoff exit. If the Hornets get the Lakers, Spurs or Mavericks it’s likely that the lack of a “killer instinct bench” and poor offensive wing players will be the downfall to the Hornets series with the aforementioned teams. It’s a shame, but it’s likely to happen. (It’s not to say I won’t be cheering like hell in the first round — if we get there).

Making the playoffs would be a huge boost to Chris Paul and David West. Missing them last year hurt, and the embarrassing Denver Nuggets series left not only a bitter taste, but a black core of darkness in both those two. Unfortunately when West assesses the Hornets offer against others, will he want to be on a fringe playoff team, or a contender?

We know that West wants to get paid, he’s been underpaid for a number of years now. However will he sacrifice that to play on an “up-and-comer”?

I think if the offer is right, and a blue-print plan for the organisation is outlined then perhaps David stays.

Chance of scenario happening: 70%

Scenario #3 — The Hornets Make Playoffs And Win First Round Series

This would be huge. If this were to happen there’s no doubt in my mind that if the correct monetary offer were made that West would resign. Even though I painted a somewhat grim picture in Scenario #2 winning a first round series isn’t completely absurd. If the Hornets were to get Dallas or even San Antonio I think there would be a chance for the Hornets to upset them.

Chance of scenario happening: 20%

I’m not sure what will happen, no one ever really is. I think maybe there is some loyalty that David holds towards the organisation. But as has been proven by the likes of Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh loyalty is a dying trend in the NBA. It’s a shame, but it’s reality. You have to win to convince your players you are building towards something. West is giving it his all, and we can hope others are reciprocal. Dell Demps knows he has to wait for David to opt out before he can give him a competitive offer and I feel that such a deal will get done.

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