Hornets 89, Mavericks 121: Hornets Reach the End (Of the Regular Season)

Well hello there, everyone! Thanks for joining us here at Swarm and Sting for the end of the regular season. Tonight the New Orleans Hornets were whupped in the second half by the Dallas Mavericks. The first half was good but unfortunately in the second both the offense and defense disappeared.

For a half everything looked good. The defensive rotations were quick and the Hornets offense was hitting everything. Marco Belinelli in particular had his shot going and for one possession played strong defense on Dirk Nowitzki. Recently, the Hornets offense has show signs of a strong pulse and tonight you could see how well the team can play on that side of the court.

In the second half things kind of fell apart. The offense disappeared and the defense struggled to keep the team in the game. The Hornets were outscored 63-24(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in the half. Now the team must wait to see who their first playoff opponent will be. With Memphis tanking (currently down 23-13) over on the west coast, the Lakers v. Kings game determines the team’s first round series. Let’s do this…

The Hans Gruber Villain of the Game Award

This is going to go to the Memphis Grizzlies for their shameless, despicable, tanking ways. The Basketball Gods despise that type of action so I will be rooting against Memphis for the rest of the playoffs. Oh and this award also goes to the Los Angeles Lakers (currently up 38-30). Lakers, can you guys just lay over and let the Kings win? This could be the last home game every in Sacramento and the fans absolutely deserve to see a win over a rival team. Yes I realize my reasoning for both teams winning is contradictory. But I don’t care and I know you agree with me.


-Jarret Jack is awesome. He finished with 22 points and 7 assists. If he tries this hard in the regular season finale just imagine the effort he will give in his first ever taste of the playoffs.

-The Mavericks do a tremendous job of forcing a smaller player to switch and guard Dirk. In the first quarter Chris Paul would find himself trying to defend the seven-footer. It ended like you would expect.

-Paul looked good for a little bit in the first half but struggled to find his shot. Once he missed a few jumpers or attacks the rim and doesn’t get a foul call he really losses confidence.

-Aaron Gray had 10 rebounds in 18 minutes. And a missed dunk.

Things may look down now, but everything can change in the playoffs. Go watch the Laker @ Kings right now, it’s kind of important. I’ll leave you with this to get your blood flowing for the first round of the playoffs.

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