Dissecting The Hornets Offense Heading Into The Playoffs

So I thought I’d try something a little bit different. I figured that since the Hornets are going into the playoffs it would be a good idea to see how their offense functioned without David West. So I bring to you a video of me commenting on the Hornets vs. Mavericks game showing the good, bad and everything in between.

Don’t be afraid of my awesome accent. Try not to be too harsh.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts or hate mail, throw it in the comment section below.

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  • Riggs

    First of all great job man ! And thanks for the post !
    I don’t know what to say about the good part of Hornets offense or maybe that I hope they can play like that every game against LAL.
    I think that they need to help each others like they do in defense if the play fails they need to be active and find a way to get an easy basket! (just like you mentionned)
    I’m wondering if the problem is really the fact that CP is passive. I mean it’s a team effort. We know that he’s going to be on fire tonight let’s hope that it’s contagious! lol
    What do you think?
    (Sorry if there are some language mistakes i’m french ^^)