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Chris Paul More Likely To Resign With Hornets Than Go To Knicks

I had to think for a while before I started writing this piece because I knew that a whole bunch of dumb, single minded Knicks fans would come on to this blog talking about how, “Who wouldn’t want to play for the greatest franchise?” Okay, we get it. The bright lights, the big crowds, the history, it’s all great. I love history as much as the next guy, but you know what? Chris Paul doesn’t give two hoots about it.

He wants to win, end of story.

For those Knicks fans that don’t past the first paragraph, I’m not saying they don’t have a shot. With Caremlo and Amare they’ve got a solid foundation of talent on their roster. However they need to do a lot more to convince Paul that they have what it takes to win championships. I know that the Knicks got swept in the playoffs but they were injured, some real great excuses there. You want to talk about being injured and undermanned? Try looking at the Hornets in the playoffs. There was a team that was well coached (unlike the Knicks), had tough nosed guys willing to put their bodies on the line and had fans that were just as rowdy as any Knicks fan in the playoffs. The Hornets managed to snag two games from the defending champs, when it was apparent to the ENTIRE world that the Hornets didn’t have the size or talent to even keep a game close.

Chris Paul has stated that he wants to win. He wants a team that is committed to building for the future to be competitive and to do it in a smart manner. While many Knicks fans clutch to the much famed, drunken toast of Chris Paul at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding most people live in reality. Paul has actually stated, believe it or not, that the Hornets are certainly “serious about winning.” Nine months ago he said he would only stay with the team if they were serious about winning. You join the dots.

In a country that believes in democracy, equality, equal opportunities, it is downright insane that there is this love affair with big markets only being entitled to winning championships. If Los Angeles, New York, Boston or Dallas can’t spend in an efficient manner then they don’t deserve to win a championship. Why shouldn’t New Orleans be allowed to build around Chris Paul? Why does he HAVE to leave? He wants to win, not open up a 5-star restaurant in New York with celebrities visiting every day.

I can’t wait for the CBA, I’m hoping it makes things fair and allows every NBA team to win a championship. The NFL seems to manage itself well with markets like New Orleans, Indianapolis, Green Bay among others winning championships, why not the NBA?

The biggest thing restricting the Knicks going after Paul is their lack of expendable talent on their roster. The Knicks haemorrhaged all their trade assets when going after Carmelo Anthony. What I don’t get is why the Knicks don’t just build around the two players they have now. Acquiring solid role players will make them more complete and stand a better chance of going up against the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. Getting Chris Paul through Free Agency would kill their flexibility to add solid role players.

I’m pretty sick of discussing this issue because in large part no large media outlet gives the Hornets a single chance in hell to retain CP. The Hornets do have a shot, but they have to act quickly. The amazing thing is that they can bring in talent over the next year via Free Agency or the Trade Market. What ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS (which I think is just a New York site with Ken Berger) don’t seem to acknowledge is that New Orleans could, if done correctly, compete for a championship. Oklahoma City and Memphis are doing it this year, the San Antonio Spurs have done it in the past and the Portland Trail Blazers have been an injury free season away for a long time now.

If we look at the Hornets situation they have a core group of players, they just need to add more talent. They need a shooting guard who can hit the three and create his own shot, they need more size to help Emeka Okafor and they need to add some shooters. Accomplishing those needs is not as difficult as many of the large market media outlets think.

J.R. Smith is sure to have decreased his value monetary wise which is why Dell Demps will consider him. He’s a shooter who at times can manufacture his own shot. Finding a rebounding 7-footer who is athletic is a difficult task in itself, but bringing back Aaron Gray at a reasonable price as well as finding young talent out there can be done. Finally, there will be a few three-point shooters who could come in, on minimum salaries to help Monty Williams with his rotations.

Is this more reasonable than a Chris Paul to New York for Chauncey Billups and a bunch of trash? You bet yourself.

I’m not saying Chris Paul is going to stay with the Hornets, I’m not saying he won’t go to New York. What I am saying is that the Knicks are better off served waiting till free-agency in which case CP might not even be available. The Hornets have stated repeatedly they are going to build around Chris. The star point-guards confidence in the franchise is up because he sees a committed effort to win.

After all that is what he wants.

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  • Ron

    Hi James, I am a loyal Knick fan and I have to tell you all the hype surrounding the team right now is over-exaggerated and you are totally right adding CP would not do anything to aid our depth.

    • James Grayson

      It’s nice to see there is one logical Knicks fan out there. You guys can build around Carmelo and Amare. You don’t NEED a third superstar. All it would do is create more hype and ticket sales and wouldn’t solve this issue of rebounding, shot-blocking and interior defense.

      I’d love if Chris Paul could do all those things but he can’t…

  • Matt

    I dont see how anything you just said, supports the fact that he is “more likely” to stay in NO, then go to NY, he wants to win, you need tallent to win, i dont see the horents going out and getting a top 3 scorer in the nba, and a nba 2nd team big man, who the depleated knicks already have, chris wants to be the next big three, no body would pick a team with depth over 2 proven pernial allstars, starters at that, he wants to play the heat 4 times a year, he wants a ring, and he wants to be picked over dwight howard, the only way the horents keep cp3 is if the knicks choose the 3 time devinsive player of the year instead, or If the hornets can court dwight, aswell as get another top tallent, and i dont see anyone wanting to go to NO, when NY BOS and LA are all going to be trying to add tallent after all of them had a short lived post season, being a knicks fan i want them to get cp3, as a NBA fan, i would like it if the tallent was more spread out, but this is americs, and money talks

    • James Grayson

      You don’t need to have another version of a “Big Three” to compete for a championship. The Hornets need to find a scorer at the shooting guard position, someone who can give you 13-15 points a night, not someone who jacks up 25 shots. As for a bigman, the Hornets don’t need a starting center, they need size/shot blocking/rebounding. While that is tougher to find than a shooting guard who can shot three’s and score a little it’s not impossible to find.

      I agree that the Knicks have two All-Star talents in Carmelo and Amare, but what happens when you put three on that team and by 2012 or 2013 their salaries equal a total of 60 million dollars and the team only has 5 million to spend because there’s a hard cap?

      The Knicks would be better served building for more depth, getting defensive players and rebounders. I don’t see how getting Chris Paul is going to put them over the top, when they’ll have to fill out their roster with Earl Barrons.

      And, how is he more likely to go the NY? Via Trade? I don’t think so. The Knicks have no trade assets as they gave them all away to the Nuggets. If they wait for Free Agency it is likely that both CP and Dwight pack their bags together to any number of destinations.

      Chris Paul isn’t desperate to get to New York like Carmelo was. Melo wanted to get there because it was his home town and he always wanted to play for his favorite team in his favorite arena. It was like it was Christmas and he couldn’t wait to open his present.

    • James Grayson

      @Matt: As for your CBA argument the NBA is seeking a hard cap as well as an advanced version of “exclusive-rights contract” for players. They want the talent to be more evenly spread, and if the Heat win the NBA championship you can bet 20 owners in the NBA are going to freak.

  • lucas

    Perfect, James. I totally agree. In the NFL, New Orleans was very successful and won a national title. Nothing prevents us to repeat it in the NBA. Chris Paul is an intelligent person. He knows that. And he knows that the effort is being made for it.

  • Mark

    Hey, as a Knicks fan I’d like to thank you for all the insults. But anyhow, I’d just like to say that you are fooling yourself if you think CP3 is staying in NO…

    He said he wants to win… And that isn’t going to happen in NO for a while… the new CBA isn’t going to help you either.. It’s not going to make things fair because things are already as fair as they ever are going to be.. The reason anyone can win in the NFL is because the seasons are too short and the playoffs are just one and done. In the NBA there are 82 games a season, 7 game play off series.. so the team with the better coaches, the most talent and stamina wins. Thats why teams can repeat trophies, and stay on top.. That doesn’t happen in the NFL, teams NEVER repeat because who wins is like a coin flip between all the teams that can stay over .500…..

    Chris Paul has shown no indication that he wants to stay, and none of your reasons for him staying make it any more compelling than for him to play in NY.. A few mediocre fill in players isn’t going to be enough for paul or enough to win a trophy. NO is not going to get a player that Chris Paul can play off of that are nearly as good as either Amar’e OR Carmelo any time soon… let alone both of them at the same time.

    The Knicks are a vey incomplete team right now sure.. But they have a year… and look what their GM Donny Walsh did in that time, its astounding.. All they need is a decent big man and some scoring off the bench and they are one of the best teams in the east with or without CP3…

    With the Celtics on the decline, the East is going to be a much easier place to get to the finals than the west.. How many games did the hornets have to win just to be the number 7 seed?.. They would have been a 4 seed in the east with with home court advantage with those wins.

    and on top of all of that CP3 said I WANT TO PLAY IN NY… At Carmelo’s wedding it was his idea for him and Carmelo to team up with Amar’e to form their own big three.. Sure you can say it was all talk, but one half of the prophecy has already come true… So yeah… try and develop some more critical thinking skills before writing articles willy nilly.

    • nikkoewan

      this is the reason why i never write anything about CP3 more likely to stay in NOLA than go in NY. first and foremost, your handicapped. To think that you can sign CP3 outright is ludicrous. This has already been stated. To be able to think that you can trade for him for whatever talent you have left is also stupid. Plus, you quote like your team’s so freaking good. Look the Knicks play in the weak East. if the Hornets were in the East, we’d be in the 5th seed. And then you go on to say that all you need is a decent big man and some scoring off the bench. Well guess what buddy, we also need two pieces in order to compete.(a Center that can defend the post and rebound and a starting SG who can create his own shot). Your sorry head just makes you think that just because NY has ALL this history(which in my opinion is just a history of being stomped at by Lebron, by Kobe, by Jordan,by Bird, by Johnson, by Worthy, etc. etc..) it makes you feel entitled. I hate big market teams just as much as I hate papercuts because they feel like they are entitled. Go cry your sorry as when in 2 years, your teams gonna be handicapped because your owner foolishly thought that having Melo and Amare will make you contenders. HA. good luck with that.

      • James

        It is shocking how stupid the Hornets fan base seem to be. The Knicks can sign CP3 outright because we have a max contract available after this season. You say that we can’t and that “This has already been stated” By who? Not by anyone who has knowledge of the situation. Looks like you’re the one who is handicapped. (Not surprising) You also state that we wouldn’t be able to trade for him. Why not? If Paul says he won’t extend with anyone but NYK (like melo) then you will be forced to accept a trade for Toney Douglas, Landry Fields and a few picks because no one else would give up anything if its only a rental. The sad thing is that you “fans” probably believe that your precious Chris Paul wouldn’t do such a thing.

        You also say “Look at our play in the weak East” First of all, what is weak about the Eastern Conference? All you’re saying there is that you haven’t paid any attention to the NBA in years. Secondly, we only had limited time to blend before the playoffs started and when they did amar’e and billups got injured. We probably wouldn’t have won the series but it would have been significantly closer.

        You said “we also need two pieces in order to compete.” Who? Jordan and Chamberlain? You also say that you hate big markets…well you’re gonna hate them a lot more after we take your point guard. But hey keep clinging to the “San Antonio did it so we can too” attitude. They had Tim Duncan, Chris Paul has nowhere near the effect on a team a player like Tim Duncan has. Small market fans are dumb and pathetic. Keep dreaming that Chris Paul resigns in New Orleans, the only way he would is if he is as retarded as their fan base

    • James Grayson

      I don’t think you read the entire article or really analyzed what I had to say. Starting at the bottom you said that CP said he wants to play in NY?

      Care for me to quote myself because you were to busy skipping the main bulk of my article?

      “While many Knicks fans clutch to the much famed, drunken toast of Chris Paul at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding most people live in reality. Paul has actually stated, believe it or not, that the Hornets are certainly “serious about winning.” Nine months ago he said he would only stay with the team if they were serious about winning. You join the dots.”

      The toast was in jest, he also sees the Hornets are moving in the right direction which means he does believe this team can develop into something.

      I don’t think the Knicks are as a great a team as you make them out to be. Again if you read my article you guys got swept in the first round, while we took two games from the defending champs. We were both undermanned (we were also undertalented) and yet we managed to win some games. If that doesn’t mean he’s more likely to reconsider signing here then I don’t really know what will.

      • James murphy

        how do you know it was a drunken speech said in jest? And of course he’s gonna say all that about the team he is currently on. LeBron always said the cavs were committed to winning too and at first chance he jumped ship. Paul is saying all the right things until his time comes. Yes, NO won 2 games against the Lakers and CP3 played his ass off the entire series. You don’t think that frustrates him a little? He played as well as he is capable of playing and they still lost the series. He is in the “great young player fraternity” that all want to be businessmen and join forces in big markets so they can spread their “brand” while winning championships. And maybe most importantly, why would ESPN NBA Insider Ric Bucher (who knows more about this than any of us) say he bets his house that Chris Paul will be a Knick in the near future. If you really think that a team of Amar’e Melo and Chris Paul (with D’Antoni or not, because he’s always on the hot seat) can’t make a deep playoff run then you’re really not being fair.

        • chris

          i dont see chris paul leaving either he went to 6 games with the lakers he knows the hornets are trying to put a winning team together and there is a big reason why he wont leave dwight howard will end up in new orleans

  • lucas

    There is something called loyalty. Hornets have a project. We have a new coach – much better than D’Antoni -, we have a new GM, who will build a strong team around CP3. Chris Paul believes in the Hornets’ project. He has said so repeatedly, as long as Dell Demps and Monty Williams came to the franchise. The Knicks are a team that was one decade without knowing what’s playoffs, and even with all its stars, has just swept by the Celtics. And it’s a team that showed no defense, no tactics. No evolution. Chris Paul is smart. He knows what to do. He can even play in the Knicks one day. But I do not think it will be soon.

  • Jerry

    Look I’m not saying that the Knicks were over hyped, but the Knicks+Chris Paul definetly look better then the Hornets+Chris Paul. I’m not saying that the Knicks right now are necessarily better (I think they will be, the Heat weren’t very good in the first two months, but now their in the conference finals).

    • James Grayson

      Oh no doubt do the Knicks have bigger “stars.” And in the eye of the general NBA public Paul being on the Knicks is more exciting than him being on the Hornets.

      But I think if the Hornets can get more, deeper talent across the board, then they can have a real shot at going deep in the playoffs.

      The problem remains that the Knicks financial flexibility is gone, and they have no trade chips to speak of. New York would effectively have to sign a bunch of scrubs like Earl Barron with Chris Paul-Carmelo Anthony-Amare Stoudemire.

  • Joel

    While i agree that it is no lock that CP3 will be a knick in 2012, your evidence for him staying is no better than the evidence for him leaving. You throw in major details as if they don’t matter. Chris Paul making that toast was a big deal because guess what melo then spent the whole year forcing a trade. Now 2/3 of the trio are in New York, do you think that Chris Paul won’t seriously consider going to join the players he publicly announced he wanted to play with? Of course he keeps the possibility of resigning with the hornets alive as did melo, amare, bosh, lebron, and so many stars before them that jumped ship. In 2012 i think you will be furious if the new cba is allowing. Also for depth, players would take low salaries to play in new york with cp3 melo amare.

    • James Grayson

      Okay, if you come back here and read my response here’s why I think it’ll be more difficult for him to become a Knick.

      First off ‘Melo always had his sights locked in on New York. That doesn’t mean that Chris Paul does too. The toast isn’t a big a deal as people make it out to be. We don’t understand the context what so ever. Some people close to Paul say it was made in jest, as a joke with all the crazy stuff that was happening in the offseason.

      He keeps the possibility of resigning with the Hornets alive because there is potential for NOLA to acquire more talent. They themselves have a foundation.

      As for depth, people would indeed take “lower contracts,” I think the problem though is that if CP, Melo and Amare were on the team that would equal roughly 58 million dollars in salary between all of them. If a hard cap was implemented at (a generous 64 million) that means there is 6 million dollars left to be spent on 8 players: Not going to happen.

      The Heat made it work because they all signed at the same time, the Knicks don’t have that luxury.

      My main point that I’m making here is that most fans that aren’t Hornets one’s ignore the plausable option of CP staying in NOLA. While some may acknowledge it, they don’t actually think it has a real shot.

      I think if you look closer and ask around the Hornets blogosphere, New Orleans can retain CP if they bring in more talent.

  • James murphy

    Please explain the toast CP3 made at Carmelo Anthony’s wedding…you know, when he said he wanted to create his own big 3 with amar’e and carmelo in NY. And didn’t he already ask out of NO last summer? Secondly, the Knicks would have the cap room at the end of next season, Billups contract is up and turiaf’s is up now, thats over 20 mil right there. Donnie Walsh will make sure they have cap space, that’s what he does. Of course a trade would be more difficult but if he says he won’t sign a contract extension with anyone but the knicks then the hornets hands are tied. At that point, Toney Douglas, Landry Fields and a couple draft picks could get the job done. (This time last year no one would have thought NY would get Melo for Felton and Gallo, but it happened)
    Yes it would make the knicks lack depth but Miami has no depth and im pretty sure they’re in the conference finals. I have nothing against New Orleans but there is no way in hell he is staying there. Between LeBron, Amar’e, Bosh, Boozer, Melo (D Will traded and D12 on his way out in O-town) why in the world would he sign a long term deal just to be iirelevant? And if your answer is loyalty, then you have no sense of sports history

    • James Grayson

      My answer is not loyalty, there is none of that in the NBA, I’m not a retard like you insinuate.

      To answer a point you made, “And didn’t he already ask out of NO last summer?” He did not.

      To repeat he never asked out of New Orleans. Not once.

      He said, and I quote, “I’m open to being traded if New Orleans isn’t committed to winning.” One year later and he said that he believes, “New Orleans is certainly serious about winning.”

      As I’ve said before, the problem if Chris went to the Knicks is that they would have no real flexibility. That big Chauncey Billups contract you speak of? Well if CP signs for, let’s say 18 million a year then you have Melo 19.5 million + Amare 19.9 and CP 18 = 57.4 million. If a hard cap were to be implemented around 64 million (again a generous mark), then New York would have 6.6 million dollars to spend on about 8 players. Not ideal. If they all had the chance to sign at the one time, they could’ve taken less salaries and made it work. Instead they’ve all signed big contracts that would make is really tough for New York to get any role players.

      Also big-market fans neglect what will be a huge CBA talking point: equality. Smaller market owners will not support a new CBA which makes it just as difficult for them to maintain their superstars. A hard cap is pretty much certain and a franchise tag of sorts is going to be implemented.

      Hopefully you come back here to check out the comments, because at the end of the day most Hornets fans want what is best for the organisation. I think you have to try to build around CP as best you can before you decide to move on.

      I know that CP is more likely to leave than stay, but you can’t rule out him resigning, if you do you are biased and have clouded vision.

  • Joel

    As a nuggets/knicks fan re-reading the article is hillarious as it is nostalgia to my way of thinking at the beggining of the season. Melo has a great team that has won years in a row with upcoming capspace incredible depth and young talent. Why would he go to the Knicks with Amare and 11 scrub players? All season he had talked about the possibility of staying in denver the infamous “i never asked to be traded” bs he fed the media. The fact was he was traded because he didn’t sign a contract extension. The second he was traded to the knicks he signed that extension, he had wanted to be traded to only the knicks, despite what some people said. Cling to your fantasy my top 3 pg in the league superstar loves his small market fans and will surely not scorn us the way everyone else scorned their small markets. Again its funny to read, im sure new orleans is a great city and the fans are wonderful, i just hope they are all not as ignorant the last 12 months/entire nba history where superstars get moved all the time. Cling to your raft and have fun cheering for ariza and okofur in the fall of 2012, while i cheer for melo amare and cp3 on one team, and all the young talent between the knicks and the nuggets on the other. Oh and if you think JR smith Aron grey and some minimum players will win you a championship you are wrong. PS hornets lost 4-2 to a team that then got swept both our teams had key injuries (chauncey billups, amare stoudemire, david west) so to base the future of our teams of playoff success is just wrong.

    • James Grayson

      The Knicks got swept by a team that lost 4-1 in the next round. How is that any different?

      Signing JR Smith and Aaron Gray isn’t going to solve our issues, it just won’t. We’ll see how things play out, but why would you just give up and jump on the bandwagon train?

      Melo went to New York because that’s where he’s from. He’s always wanted to play for the Knicks for mainly sentimental reasons.

      I’m not saying CP isn’t going “scorn us,” he wants to win, end of story. If the Hornets can go out and get more talent from top to bottom then they could compete. The West isn’t as strong as it once was. Chris can quite easily get up and move, I am not ignorant to that.

      • Joel

        its not that’s what im saying, you mentioned that the knicks getting swept by a team that then got swept is a reason chris paul wouldn’t come here, and im saying that it is pretty much the same scenario.

  • Joel

    To present the option of cp3 staying is one thing, to name your article CP3 is more likely to resign with Hornets than to go to New York, is just a incorrect statement. Also your understanding of the new cba is incorrect as well. Currently the league wants to roll back player salaries up to 25% meaning melo and amare only make 15 not 20 and the new hard cap wouldn’t come until 2013-2014 meaning we could go over it in 2012-2013 to acquire depth, or even next year to acquire paul after acquiring depth. My suggestion to you is cheer for a small market team and big market team, so this doesn’t hurt so bad for you.

    • James Grayson

      Yes the league wants to roll back player salaries, those not under contract. So a MAX contract used to be worth 20 million it would now be 15 million. That is why when CP signs he’s most likely to have a contract around that mark, in addition to the one’s already signed by Melo and Amare. There is a reason that Melo forced to be traded, because he wanted the big contract.

      A new CBA can’t change his terms of the contract.

  • Joel

    New CBA math for knicks. Each team would get to cut 1 player from their roster salary, renaldo balkman is the only player besides melo/amare on pay past 2011-2012. If the salaries are rolled back 15% the minimum the league wants then melo and amare would each make 17 if it is 25% they would each make 15, lets call it 20 for compromise’s sake. They would each make 16 million, say cp3 gets 16 million also that would be 48 million on the books. Say the new salary cap for 2011-2012 is 55 million (3 million less than the current cap but what the real number will be i have no idea) but we can go over the cap by about 5-10 million to acquire say a center and a bench player, that gives us 12-17 million in spending in 2012-2013 if we only have melo cp3 and amare on pay. Now with this money in a cba where players are earning less, we can get veteran bigs and role players plus we have a few young talented players (toney douglas, landry fields) and the 17th draft pick, we can start to fill out a nice title competing team. The heat stars will see their salaries cut back also, pus they will drop mike miller, and they will have cap room to, small markets beware, you are screwed, unless you live in okc.

    • James Grayson

      If you went over the cap in 2012 by the 12-17 million dollars, those players would either have to be cut or resigned for much, much less. So in other words you couldn’t retain them for more than one season.

      Also there are plenty of small market teams out there that have a solid foundation for winning. Memphis, OKC (like you said), Sacramento and Indiana (to an extent). In the recent past you had Portland, San Antonio among others all challenging for the Western Conference.

      You make things sound impossible for small market teams, when in fact they are not. No doubt things are different after all these superstars are on the move. But I think if a teams front office is smart and is aggressive then they can make things work.

  • Joel

    Why Durant cannot be compared to CP3 as evidence that he will stay: he signed the contract extension in his 3rd year. Why hasn’t chris paul? Why hasn’t Dwight? Why didn’t melo? Why didn’t bosh? Why didn’t Lebron? Fallible logic.

    • James Grayson

      Chris Paul hasn’t because he cannot. He can’t sign an extension until July 1, same as Dwight.

      Bosh didn’t because the Raptors did little in the way of bringing in talent. Lebron would of stayed if the Cavs had pulled of the trade for Stoudamire. Melo didn’t stay because he had sentimental feelings towards New York.

      And I never directly compared Durant’s situation to Chris Paul’s not sure where you got that from.

  • Joel

    I don’t believe it has been said about what will happen to players on contract in 2013-2014 on teams that are over the cap. But i guarantee that the team wont be forced to cut, or re-sign the player for less. What i think is more likely that will happen is teams like LA will be over the cap still in 2013-2014. They won’t be forced to cut players but probably won’t be able to sign anyone to anything other than the veteran minimum until they are back under the cap. Owners will not create a cba that makes them lose their own talent. LA right now has 62 million on contract for 2013-2014 the year the hard cap would be on and that is for 4 players, the league won’t make them cut 2/3rds of their team. Look small market teams are great which is why i cheer for the nuggets, every once in a while you get a tim duncan (who won a championship very quickly in san antonio and won 3 more over the next 8 years) cannot really be compared to chris paul. I think the pacers and the kings will be good teams, but if you think those teams will be beating the knicks, bulls, heat any time soon you are again sorely mistaken.

  • James Grayson

    How can you guarantee they won’t be forced to cut or resign for less? A hard cap is a hard cap. Whether that be through roll-backs or whatever teams will have a few years to get their finances sorted out. If they are over the cap then they’ll have to get under it by cutting a player or whatever.

    The NBA is going to destroy their value in markets outside of New York, Boston and Los Angeles if they don’t give small markets an even chance to build and compete for championships. If they want to destroy their value, then you might as well have a six team league with no playoffs because that’s what the NBA might turn in to.

  • Joel

    That was quite the slippery slope, small market teams can compete, but when it comes to super stars history is against them staying unless the team has already had considerable success. Does anyone really think Chris Paul wants to go down as the best Hornet of all time? Or does he want to be the guy that helped restore basketball supremacy to the greatest city on the planet? Chris Paul being traded to New York will not in any way ruin the leagues market. New Orleans fired Byron Scott, yet you don’t come to his defense, but when the player is firing his team your shocked. The nba is a business foremost, Chris Paul will increase his brand by playing in New York. Few will remember Kevin Garnet as a Timber-Wolf outside of Minnesota though he spent most of his career there. And i bet if Kevin did it again he would have gone earlier knowing what happens when you get 3 superstars together, in a big market: Eternal Nba glory.

  • chris

    I dont think we can be worried about anything other then getting strong Ownership right now, David Stern stated recently that Hornets will be up for sale soon. If that penny doesnt drop then we can forget about CP3 staying or the Franchise making progress. If CP3 doesnt sign his extension and Demps waits too late to trade and we have to take a shitty deal from the Knicks or lakers that will cripple this franchise.HORNETS FANS, Arent you sick and tired of reading baseless articles about CP3 leaving and other fans particularly Knicks fans who already claim CP3 as a knick? If you are why write an article like this on a Hornets blogsite and have to try and defend your points too people who dont give Rats behind about what your saying, block these people! I know I hate reading that shit, I would rather sit on my hands and wait and see what is going to happen then read another baseless article on espn or bleacher report or hear another teams fan saying CP3 is leaving.

  • Michael McNamara

    Oh James, you have done well to fend off the Knicks fans who have been told by their management that “next year” will be their year for the last 10-12 years now. Mike Lupica wrote a great article on how this has made them somewhat dillusional and has forced them to latch onto any string of hope. First of all, Knicks fans, get the facts about the wedding right. The quote was “maybe we can form our own Big 3 here”- not nearly as strong as a statement as Knicks fans are claiming. Secondly, CP3 has never asked to be traded and to automatically put him in the same company of James, Bosh, and Melo is ludicrous, as none of those guys have ever displayed 10% of the class CP3 has.

    Now, for the math. The NBA is ASKING for a rollback in current salaries, but that will never happen. They will concede that in order to get the hard cap. As a Knicks fan stated correctly, it will not be in place until 2013-14, a season in which the Knicks have 43 million dollars committed to 2 players. The hard cap proposed will be between 50-55 million. Good luck fitting CP3 and 10 others in there.

    You wanna do a sign and trade? Too bad, the league will remove those as part of the new franchise tag. Think you can trade for him this year? With what? If the Hornets move him, teams like LA (both of them), Atlanta, and even Orlando can offer much better deals.

    One more thing to think about: People always assume that CP3 will be a free agent in 2012, but he has a 17.8 million dollar player option. In the new CBA, max salaries will start out much lower and will not be fully guaranteed. Business-wise, it would be much smarter to opt-in and then get your max contract the next year.

    My best guess is that is what will happen. He opts-in, gives Demps and Monty two more years to prove they can be a contender. if not, he is gone, but it won’t be to play for New York, a team that will have no depth, a power forward with bad knees, a #2 guy who thinks he is a #1, and a team that cannot pay him what others can.

    James wins!

  • Roy

    You can’t title the page “Chris Paul More Likely to Resign With Hornets Than Go To Knicks” when that isn’t what the post is about. It’s about why he MAY resign with the Hornets. You provide no information as to whether he actually will, just why he might. What are you basing the likelihood of his resigning on? How YOU feel about the Hornets’s future? You don’t know what Chris is thinking, so don’t pretend you do

    • James Grayson

      I think you can say the exact same thing for Knicks fans. Knicks fans can’t pretend that they know what Chris is thinking, it’s strange when they get a little dose of their own medicine.

      • Joel

        It’s not a knick/hornet or any other team fans that mislable titles, it is sub-pro bloggers on the internet covering small market teams that keyword knick with some overhyping misleading title that states what CP3′s odds are. You rant against knicks fans but you wrote this article because you wanted the countless times as many knicks fan as hornets fans come here and read your article. So no you cant say the same thing about knicks fans or hornets fans, only about crappy internet bloggers making outlandish claims and then saying things like “i knew the knick fans would dislike this” and expect that to stop us from stating our problems with your many fallacies.

  • Jake Madison

    I think this is by far my favorite discussion on the site–from a pure entertainment perspective. I’ve going to have to write a post on the CBA but I’m slightly burnt out after my (long) comments on Hornets247 and I want to hear some more details about the owners proposal.

    I think Michael’s post sums up everything best. The Knicks made a big play for the present when they signed Amar’e and Melo to max deals. Dolan and the front office knew there would be a hard cap in place within the next couple years. They were hoping to win this year or next not plan for the long term.

    The Knicks will always be in a better position than the Hornets even with a better revenue sharing system for small market teams. But a hard cap limits that position tremendously since, even though they have more money, they can’t go and outspend other teams (like the Yankees).

  • Kenny

    Just because th Hornets say they are serious about winning doesn’t mean anything. They are going nowhere. They have no plan whatsoever on building a winning organization. The Knicks on the other hand already have two superstars. He wants to win right? You connect the dots.

    • Jake Madison

      What plan do the Knicks have? What they have done is the apex of what they can do. They lost in the first round this year and do have the trade assets to make any other big moves. Their cap situation in a two years is going to be terrible–much like it was the past couple of seasons.

    • James Grayson

      The Hornets actually have a plan to build a winning organisation. While they may not go out and get Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and every superstar possible, they look to base their model of the San Antonio Spurs. Building a winning organisation doesn’t mean you have to go and get as many superstars as possible it’s about trying to manage your assets as best you can and find talent across the board.

      Just because an organisation has two superstars doesn’t mean their plan is any better than any other. Your bold statement of “they have no plan” is based of ignorance. “Going nowhere?” Last I checked they were in the exact same spot as the Knicks in playoffs.

      • James

        “Building a winning organisation doesn’t mean you have to go and get as many superstars as possible” yes actually it does, multiple stars win championships.

        “Just because an organisation has two superstars doesn’t mean their plan is any better than any other.” Yes it does, because they have 2 superstars and superstars win in the NBA.

        What is this plan for the Hornets that can make them a contending team and convince Paul to stay? Will David West and Trevor Ariza really satisfy his need for talent around him? The Knicks will have a max contract available after next season, that is a fact. Yes, if they sign him they will have a lot of money tied up in 3 guys but so what? You’re essentially saying that we shouldn’t get him and should instead use that money elsewhere. You may be right, but thats irrelevant to this discussion. And to reply to another post, how is this a short term outlook if they are locked up for the long term?

        • Jake Madison

          It’s short term because the contracts are backloaded. Every year Amar’e and Carmelo’s salary increases and therefor there is less and salary cap room. If the hard cap is on the high end at 55m and 43 is owed to those two players how do you expect to field a good team with only 12m remaining? It’s a nearsighted approach which looks nice now (TWO SUPERSTARS!!!) but wrecks your team over a longer period.

          • James

            The Hard Cap (if there is one) won’t come into effect for another 2 years so if we already have our version of the big 3 then at least we have them. Having Melo, Amar’e and either CP3/Deron Williams or Dwight Howard is better than not having them. And I know small market fans hate to hear this, but endorsement money that can be made in NY is unlike anywhere else. You can’t turn on the TV in NY without seeing Amar’e or Carmelo (Amar’e was even in Vogue for some reason). I guess it comes down to ideology about how to spend money, would you rather have 2 ok players or one great player? If it were the NFL or MLB I would say get the 2 ok players but the NBA is a star driven league and it is next to impossible to win without multiple stars.

  • Joel

    “What they have done is the apex of what they can do” – Jake Madison

    Are you kidding?????
    Did you watch that series, the knicks somehow after 20 games and no training camp post all star break where teams have many back to backs and 1 day off a time, managed to instantly reach their climax as a team? This is just sad. The knicks finished that game 2 with Melo and 4 minimum contract guys, chauncey and amare were both hurt, and still it got down to the last shot despite the celtics starting 4 all stars. So without 2/3rds of our cap were had climaxed. People who think that the knicks won’t be able to get any more players after acquiring cp3 will be upset when the knicks pull out a mega roster complete with some of the best vets who havent won a championship, the internal young talent that is getting better with age (toney douglas, bill walker, shawne williams, landry fields will never be stars but could given more experience develop into respectable role players) add the 17th draft pick and we have a team that can compete. That is the knicks plan mr. madison, now tell me how the hornets are going to compete with a league thats losing money in control of your finances.

    • lucas

      Joel, you are a dreamer, my friend. The Knicks spent a whole decade away from the NBA elite. Amare’ Stoudemire has signed with the Knicks for cash only. And he even got to say that the team did not need a player like Carmelo Anthony. But Melo went to the Knicks because New York is his home. That is reason alone. Are two isolated situations. It is not that why all the NBA superstars will want to move to NY, as you think. Also, the Knicks have one of the worst defenses in the NBA and was swept by the Celtics. The current outlook is that, my friend. And we all know that Chris Paul wants to win. Sincerely, leaving the Hornets and transferring to the Knicks is not that advantageous for CP3. Maybe another team, but not the Knicks.