Chris Paul is more concerned with the lockout than his contract situation

Chris Paul Not Thinking About Contractual Future


Well it appears that Chris Paul is taking it easy this off-season, hoping to spend time with his family and not think about the craziness that will ensue when it comes to either extending his contract or go elsewhere. After losing to the Lakers in the first round in the 2011 playoffs Paul has seen promise in the Hornets organisations stating, “they are definitely serious about winning.”

It seems that Knicks and Laker fans have not received the memo that both CP and Dwight Howard aren’t going anywhere just yet. I think we have to take Chris at his word here. He’s seen what happened to Dwight when he tried to speak out and how he got destroyed by the media.

“Right now, I’m just paying attention to what I’m doing here for these kids,” Paul said Friday while stopping by a charter elementary school where his CP3 foundation and Chase bank sponsor an after-school program. “This is my down time. … I’m not even thinking about that type of [contract] stuff.”

He’s most likely going to “check-out” mentally and switch off. There’s so much pressure that comes with being an NBA player and he knows that he’s in for a lot more in the next year, so why not take some time off.

As for the whole New York cap thing… Are you kidding me? We are making a big deal about what he’s wearing on his hat? Lebron wore a New York hat and look where he ended up — not New York (for those uneducated folk).

“That’s the only hat I wear. Everybody that knows me knows that,” Paul said. “Catch me tomorrow, I’ll have a hat on. Should I stop? Should I not wear the hat?” Paul continued. “I’ve been wearing [a Yankees] hat since I’ve been wearing hats.”

Chris Paul can be offered the contract extension on July the 1st, a long time from now. However, if a lockout is in place no such negotiations can be undertaken. So when Paul says, “My biggest concern is the lockout,” you can bet your bottom dollar that it is.


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