Jerry West Takes A Keen Eye To Hornets Mike Malone

Mike Malone has been in the news recently over his coaching services. It appears a tug-o-war is about to commence between the Lakers (who want him as their assistant coach, thanks Laker fans…) and the Golden State Warriors as Sam Amick reports that Malone will be going in for an interview next week:

So I’m sitting here thinking what will be more likely, does Malone take the Lakers job (assistant coach…), Warriors job or does he stay with the Hornets. Yesterday I said that Malone looked like he was heading to L.A., I’ve since revised my opinion with this piece of news.

Malone is a guy that wants to advance his career. Doing so, with a head coaching job in Golden State the most likely course of action. Remember that Jerry West loves Monty Williams, he even called him his “coach of the year.” He likes what New Orleans has done from an organisational stand-point in terms of bringing stability to an other wise unstable franchise.

If West proceeds with hiring Malone, I believe, in my humble opinion, that it’s a good move for the Warriors. This would be Jerry’s first influence on the organisation, exactly why they brought him in as a consultant.

For Warriors fans, what’s there to like about about Malone? Well the guy is defense, something the Warriors are lacking. Above that though, he’s a high character guy who works hard with his players. He’s credited with refining Marco Belinelli‘s shot (he shot a career high from three this season) among helping Quincy Pondexter transition into the NBA.

None of this is certain, but because he’s a high character guy, that puts in a lot of work, I can see Jerry West and the rest of Warriors management, falling in love with Malone, in a totally platonic way.

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  • John

    The Lakers are looking for a second head coach? I wonder how Mike Brown feels about sharing the head coaching duties.

  • crystalr

    I know Monty likes to think about defense first, but if Malone leaves, don’t you think the Hornets could benefit from an upgrade in offense next season? I mean, a little more creativity from an offense-minded assistant coach couldn’t hurt…

    • James Grayson

      I agree, I think that’s the sentiment. It really would be beneficial if we hired someone with offensive ingenuity.

  • lucas

    I received the news that the Raptors are also interested in Malone to the position of head coach. This only reinforces the fact that he should not even stay in New Orleans. Anybody here ever have any suggestions for a replacement?

    • James Grayson

      Yeap, he’s got an interview with them after he has an interview with the Lakers, then Warriors. I think the Warriors nab him, seems like a place he’d like to coach.