The Hornets Working Out Players From D-League


Tasmin Mitchell (right) works out for the New Orleans Hornets

The New Orleans Hornets currently hold the 45th pick in the NBA draft, other than that they don’t hold another pick. So it’s with great pleasure that I bring to you some kind of news today as the Hornets held workouts for a number of guys hunting for NBA roster spots in the near future. Some of the names included local Tasmin Mitchell and Darryl Watkins (who was at last year’s minicamp). There is particular pressure on Demps to find some talent because of a lack of a first round pick.

“We’re looking under every rock,” Demps said. “We’re looking for guys that can help us and there’s a possibility that these guys are better than the 45th pick in the draft, and so if they are, we want to make sure we get that opportunity” to sign them.”

No real tangible results were brought forward from these workouts, it’s not even known if another will be scheduled. With only five players on the roster there’s a sense that the Hornets are “waiting in the void,” not knowing what future lies ahead.

As for Tasmin Mitchell he sounds like a Monty Williams guy. Mitchell has played in the D-League the past year after going undrafted in last year’s draft. “The D-League teaches you to appreciate basketball more and helps you learn how to be a professional,” Mitchell said. As for what he brings Mitchell said that, “I think I’d be an energy guy, giving relief, a defensive stopper, a real mentally tough player. Coach Williams, he loves mentally tough players, I can hit a wide open jumper, hit a wide open mid-range shot, you know get a lot of players involved, a great passer. I think I can bring a lot of energy to the team, I’m an energy guy.”

But even if the Hornets wanted to bring in Mitchell they’d have to do it before the lockout expires. Tasmin shed some light on what a lot of D-League prospects are looking towards with the impending lockout, “A lot of guys will try and go overseas to play, and hopefully it doesn’t last to long. If the NBA is not on then I’m going overseas.”

Here are Tasmin’s statistics from last seasons NBA D-League:

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David West News

So a little bit of news on the David West front, Monty Williams has talked with the power-forward and it seems like his rehabilitation is going along just fine. “I talked to David the week before last,” Williams said, “Everything is on schedule, or ahead of schedule.” As for whether he talked about his contract situation Monty scoffed at the question, “Are you serious? No, ‘Hey David how are you?’ ‘Great coach’ ‘Are you going to opt out?’ I’m not going to ask him that, we didn’t talk about it.”

I’ve hinted at it before, but my feelings are that Coach Williams and Dell are going to be really hands off when it comes to this contract negotitation stuff. Not until it’s appropriate will they really enter talks about it. Giving players like Chris Paul, David West and Carl Landry space during the off-season works to the Hornets advantage.

Squashing the Chris Paul to Oklahoma City Rumors

A quick little note for everyone, Dell Demps put a halt to any CP3 speculation, “I have not [talked with Oklahoma City], have not. I can assure you that has not been a conversation.”

A lot of these rumors were created by Hornets fans themselves on forums, but the reason it all really started was because of the misinformed ESPN “reporter” Chris Broussard who thought that there were talks going on between the two franchises, if not perhaps they should. Once again it’s just another person trying to boil up speculation when they have no idea of the day to day talks that happen between GM’s.

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  • Cris

    Gotta love the way Dell Demps works, looking under every rock to improve the roster. From the time Demps & Williams were introduced as Hornets Employees, I felt the Hornets became more professional and no nonsense. As long as these guys are around goo things are going to happen. As for the CP3 rumors, Chris Broussard and ESPN have been the masterminds behind constant baseless rumors. They talk like CP3 is already gone and the hornets have no choice but to take a “shitty” deal. If the time comes I trust that Demps will make the right move by the Franchise. What people dont take into consideration is that the Hornets are run differently to the Shinn & Bower era, the Hornets are not a joke franchise anymore.

    • James Grayson

      Couldn’t have said things better myself Cris. I also have the upmost faith in Dell and Monty. They’ll get something worked out. They will do everything in their power to get CP help and talent.

      I think this hinges a lot on whether an owner steps up (like uhh… Mr. Chouest?). If one does and keeps the team in New Orleans, you can bet that a lot of the ESPN fuelled speculation dies down. The reason being? Well because whatever ESPN says, is then regurgitated by the thousands of arm-chair GM’s in the respective big markets. They here Chris Broussard blab on about CP wanting out, then they take that and run to day-light.

      If a new CBA is reached, and it’s favorable to smaller-markets (fairer is probably a better word), then I see no reason why Chouest and a company of smaller investors might step up to keep the team in New Orleans.

      I’m thinking optimistically of course, something I don’t do very often…

      • Cris

        James, Chouest seems to be the only local name going around as a majority owner. I remember Chouest saying he will be interested if there is more revenue which is why the lease agreement will become a key issue. I dont see a drastic change straight way in the CBA, they will probably propose to move gradually over 3yrs towards a hard cap around 50-55mill and a shared revenue with 50% going to the players and 50% to the owners. Really the ownership needs to be sorted before Free agency kicks off whenever that happens, I think they will be a lockout but It wont drag on the NFL as both parties are been proactive. Im optimistic but also anixous as not much news is going around about the business side of the franchise.

  • lucas

    Darryl Watkins? I thought that such attempts were unproductive in the past. Why insist on this player? He is too weak…