Mike Malone Set To Join Golden State Warriors As Lead Assistant

Mike Malone is ready to join Mark Jackson

Well, it seems near official now, Mike Malone is heading to the Golden State Warriors according to several sources of Sam Amick and Adrian Wojnarowski. This is a big coup for the Warriors still being able to lure two head-coaching candidates. While Mark Jackson does the motivating, Mike Malone will do a lot of the hard yard work when it comes to the defensive side of the ball. It was highly speculated that Malone was going to the Los Angeles Lakers to join Mike Brown’s staff, but the Lakers have been in a cost cutting mode, especially when it comes to the coaching staff so they missed out on their guy.

For Warriors fans, let me just say, that you should be more excited about getting Malone than you should Jackson. Malone transformed the defense in New Orleans moving them into the 8th ranked spot in the league. It certainly wasn’t done all by himself, but where ever he goes he seems to drastically improve defenses.

Which is why this makes a tonne of sense for Golden State. Over the past few years the Warriors have been notorious for their lackluster defense. While that could be attributed to their roster make-up, the fact they haven’t had the best defensive scheme put in place is also a logical reason.

Malone is going to help aid that by installing his defensive scheme. We all know Golden State can ball on offense, but when (and if) there is a training camp expect the big word to be “defense.”

As for the Hornets this is a huge blow to their offseason. While it was pretty much inevitable that Malone would leave, it didn’t take away from the fact that it still sucks. Chris Paul noted a big reason the Hornets were able to challenge the Lakers was their coaching staff. With Malone gone it appears that strength may now be somewhat lost.

New Orleans will no doubt have several candidates to interview, but I can’t help but specualte as to the significance of Malone leaving. It may not have any direct bearing on what Chris Paul or David West actually do when it comes to their services, but I can’t help but feel it’s not exactly encouraging. The Hornets, and their market, get continually scrutinized for their inability to hold onto talent and turn it into a winning program. It’s why the Bleacher Report spews out the same rhetorical, and poorly structured articles, people don’t see it working here in New Orleans.

The Hornets off-season could have gotten off to a much better start. They need to start bringing in more talent than they’re letting go. Malone leaving does speak volumes as to the achievements of the organisation. Heck even Jerry West gave his Coach of the Year vote to Monty Williams. But it still is a huge void that needs to be filled, because we need to buck the trend of talent leaving, and to make talent come here.

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  • lucas

    Perfect article. We already have the first bad news in this offseason: Mike Malone is going away. This is certainly bad news for the our players and the fans. Demps, we need joy, too! And we trust you!

  • Patrick Clay

    Ugh… If he thought this was better for his family… then cool. good for him. But in regards to the Hornets… what a crappy way to start the offseason. Especially when our coaching staff was considered to be one of our best assets. Obviously Malone leaving doesnt dismantle that, but it’s a huge hole, and some consistency would have been nice right about now… Wonder what CP3 thinks of this, especially since he has constantly praised the staff

    • http://swarmandsting.com James Grayson

      Exactly my sentiments Patrick. This is really a bad way to start the offseason. It was a big strength of ours (our coaching staff) and Malone leaving is like taking two steps back before we’ve even taken one forward.

      I think he left because of the money, he would’ve been offered a huge sum, so it probably does help his family. I think this also means, that if Jackson screws up then he’s first in line for a head coaching gig.

      I still think the Warriors would have been better served just going with Malone as their head coach, but the Jackson thing is a big statement to the league that they aren’t kidding around (that is their new management).

      We really need to find a great replacement, I’m not sure who it’ll be though.

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