Swarmin' The Links 9th of June: Player Association Game

Okay guys, so I thought I’d swing some links at you 42 style. There’s quite a bit going on in the league, and in Hornets world too. We have the NBA Finals kicked into fifth gear, we also have the NBA and the Players Association in talks that seem to be more for a P.R. job than any actual bargaining, and also we have some news about the revamped Champions Square.

  • First off let’s start with the current bargaining situation with the NBA. Before we hit you with the link, Hornets fans need to keep a very close eye on this situation, even if it sucks. The NBA wants a Hard Cap, a more even revenue sharing scheme and to get rid of guaranteed contracts. Derek Fisher says no to all of them, saying (and I’m paraphrasing here) that it’s on the league to sort out their own problems amongst themselves. I’ll put this down to ignorance on Fisher’s part because while he probably knows of the NBA losing a lot of money (22 of the 30 teams lost money the past season) it’s not because their being irresponsible with their money, it’s because the scheme in place isn’t efficient in terms of profit making. The Players seem to think the public will side with them, when it may be the complete opposite. I hate these P.R. jobs, actually negotiate and stop trying to market your point of view to the public, because at the moment you are ‘far apart’ from winning over any fans.
  • SMG, the construction company that is building the new Champions Square and the renovated Superdome, has been lauded by the State for their excellent work. Something unbeknown to me was that they helped bring the Hornets to New Orleans the first time and helped bring them back from Oklahoma City. I think any praise for this company is highly warranted.
  • Charles Barkley is ripping on the Heat and their fans. I don’t really condone Sir Charles’ outright disdain towards the Heat organisation when he himself hasn’t a championship. I think he’s bitter than Lebron had an opportunity to win a championship by teaming up with two other All-Star players. Having said that, I see where he’s coming from. The Heat seem to have this self-indulgent persona where they hold themselves above normal people. It rubs a lot of fans the wrong way. But this is the NBA, nothing really matters because people love winners.
  • The Philadelphia 76ers are really looking to get rid of Andre Iguodala. First it was a rumored A.I. for Monta Ellis trade, now a A.I. for Kaman trade. It is speculated that Doug Collins wants an athletic big-man in return for the veteran swingman, but so does everyone else… I would believe that Dell Demps would’ve inquired about Iggy, but I think that Philadelphia would want Emeka Okafor in return and there’s no way that’s happening unless we get a guy like Nene in free agency, which is not happening.
  • There is a plan in place to fill the vacancy left by former assistant coach Mike Malone. Jake discusses yesterday why we shouldn’t really feel to bad about this, it’s also a great read.

Okay guys so who do you think will win Game 5 today in the finals? I think David Stern walks out and proclaims that no one really wants either team to win so he’ll give it to the Minnesota Timberwolves. David Kahn, you genius, that’s how you draft a proper point guard.

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