Will David West Just Pick Up His Option?

New Orleans Hornets Power-Forward, David West, has to decide whether he accepts an extension, opts-in or opts-out this coming week.

I began to really think about this whole David West situation, the context, what he wants, his desire to win a championship, all of that. Then I though, “what if he picks up his option, just to get things ready for next offseason?” It doesn’t sound that crazy a thought process. Knowing that your coming off a serious knee injury, giving yourself time before you really decide where you want to play is probably the right thing to do before you get back to full strength.

Added incentive to this, is that Chris Paul also can opt-out at the end of next season. If they both enter free-agency, expect them to be attached at the hip wherever they go.

This kind of really sucks for Hornets fans, because this creates much more uncertainty about the team. Dell Demps would have his work cut out for him because he’d need to really make some noise to convince both players that they can win a championship here.

Listening to New York Knicks fans isn’t the most wise thing to do. They’re resined to the notion that Chris Paul is going there, based on nothing more than pure, utter speculation. I think that the Hornets need to build for more depth, more overall talent and be willing to spend into the future. None of that happens unless an owner steps up, as Gary Chouest waits in the wings.

It’s still anyone’s guess as to what David will do. But I seriously think that opting in is the most likely of outcomes in one week’s time.

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  • lucas

    If D-West goes, CP3 will leave soon after. Therefore, the residence of David West in NOLA is essential. We can not lose that player.

    • http://swarmandsting.com James Grayson

      Yeap, but what I’m saying is, what happens if he accepts his option, only to leave next year? I think that’s becoming the more likely outcome to this situation. I think then it is essential to sign Carl Landry, we have to get him back.

  • dathrone

    West almost has to accept his option the injury pretty much ensured that. There’s no way he gets anywhere near the type of deal he would want if he opts out.

    Man Demps is under a ton of pressure this off-season, but being able to keep West another year @ 7.5 mil will be a big break. West game isn’t based on athletism so this knee injury should slow down him too much. Ofcourse this is even more reason to get a good help side defender at center.

    I think guys like Paul and West want to stay in New Orleans if we can contended for the next few years. That’s why this off-season(whenever it happens) will be huge.

    Once again Demps should be in the Iggy talks.

    Hornets trade

    Emeka Okafor 12.5 mil
    Trevor Ariza 6.8 mil

    76ers trade

    Andre Iguodala 13.5 mil
    Marreese Speights 2.7 mil
    Jodie Meeks 880,000

    • http://swarmandsting.com James Grayson

      You’re right, this offseason is HUGE. It’s fire or flop.

      I like the trade you outlined, though I’m not sure it would happen. It’s quite dependent on getting another center (I’m not happy with just Speights as the starting center).

      If the team can get West to pick up his option and then resign Carl Landry it will be a huge step in the right direction. But Demps can’t rest there, he needs to be constantly active searching for more impact players and more talent.

  • lucas

    Our two starters by Iguodala + Speights + Meeks? That would not be a bit risky?

    • http://swarmandsting.com James Grayson

      I think so too. I think that our front line would look even weaker than it already is.

      I hear that Ramon Sessions is on the block in Cleveland so too is J.J. Hickson, just food for thought.

    • dathrone

      Yeah it would, but I think it’s a move that doesn’t cripple us and would give us a little more cap space so we can sign a starting center this year or next. Clearly there’s no need for desperation moves, but I think it’s a solid trade.

      Love Ariza his game fits more than Iggy for Paul, but nobody’s going to take Emeka contract without some incentive. As it may be obvious I have given up hope in Okafor, and I don’t see us competing if we’re relying on him to anchor this team on either sides of the ball.

      • http://swarmandsting.com James Grayson

        Yeap, that’s a fair point of view, and you are more than entitled to it. I’d love to have a more “prototypical center.” I thought getting rid of Chandler makes us look like idiots now, but there’s not much we can do. I just don’t think there’s to many “better” options out there. Could we REALLY get Nene, Dalembert or even Chandler? I don’t think so. There are a multitude of teams out there wanting those guys and you can bet that Denver is going to throw everything at Nene, Dallas for Chandler and New York/Miami for Dalembert. We just don’t have the capacity to do that with or without cap space.

        Look Okafor has potential in him. Remember he is a top 2 pick and he’s a hard worker. He’s never really going to be the prototypical “anchor,” I guess that’s why Monty is talking about how he wants another offensive rebounder/more size. Should be interesting…

        • dathrone

          With Okafor on the books we won’t ever be a championship level team under any CBA structure. As a small market team we have to be very efficient how we sign players. Giving a guy that contributes so little to the team the 2nd highest payday just isn’t efficient. This may cost us the only superstar basketball player we’ve had since “Pistol” Pete. Maybe basketball in my home town altogether.

          I can name atleast a dozen centers(just that position) I rather have that make significant less money than Okafor. For me it’s now or never. Emeka is an anchor on this team, but in the wrong way.

          You look at names like Marcin Gortat, Kendrick Perkins, DeAndre Jordan, Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez, Darko Milicic, Roy Hibbert, Mehmet Okur, Joel Anthony, Marc Gasol, Joel Przybilla, Marcus Camby. These are just the guys who made atleast 3million less than Okafor this year. Some of them are back up centers.

  • Professional Athletes David

    David West should really have made his mind up. Especially that the new season is coming. Hope to see him shooting those hoops without fail.

    • http://swarmandsting.com James Grayson

      Yeap thanks for the comment David!

      I too think he should of made his mind up, and he probably has. Keep your eye on him from the 21st onwards because that’s when he’s supposed to let it be known what he’s doing.