New Orleans Hornets Sell Their Only Pick In the NBA Draft To Knicks

Dell Demps sold the Hornets only pick in the 2011 NBA Draft because it's what the organisation usually does.

Waiting in anticipation I had several names on my board who could’ve been nice prospects down the road. These names included:

  • Josh Selby
  • Keith Benson
  • David Lighty
  • E’Twaun Moore

Dell Demps showed today that he really doesn’t think anyone at that pick could have contributed this season, which does make sense, in a way. All of those guys most likely, would have been locker room guys, practice guys, not contributing much on the floor. The Hornets, because of this, decided to sell their 45th pick to the New York Knicks for a cool 750 000 dollars.

So to say that I am angry, would be an understatement.

The Hornets have shown their fans nothing this offseason, hemorrhaging their future for right now. Okay, so this is only a 45th pick, but  all the Hornets do on draft day is sell their picks. Last season they sold their pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder, two years before that they sold it to Memphis.

Time and time again New Orleans cannot seem to develop their own talent. When they do they trade it within a year (see Marcus Thornton).

In a time where the organisation needs to encourage fans to buy season tickets, they slap them across their face by selling the pick for a million dollars. It’s not so much that the Hornets didn’t draft a bad prospect so much as it was the message they are sending to their fans. They needed to just go out and get a player, after all they only have 5 players on their roster. Taking money over players is never a good sign and unless it’s used to lure a free agent then it’s an epic fail.

It is likely that there will be a lockout and because of that we won’t hear a single piece of Hornets news until December. This sucks big time because we all know that there are about three-hundred million issues wrong with this team. They need a new owner, to resign David West, resign Carl Landry, find more talent across the board and ohh, there’s that guy named Chris Paul.

This 750 000 dollars better be used to lure Dwight Howard, because it makes little sense to me why you would do it other than to pay off the airfares used to scout propsects in the first place.

Oh and for those interested the guy we drafted, his name is Josh Harrelson, not that it matters.

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  • John

    I LOVED what Dell and Monty were able to do last year. And they were able to gain my trust. HOWEVER; Dell flys from one side of the word to the other looking for the diamond and then sells it!?! He went to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Europe 2x, Etc… All to sell it for 750K?

    I don’t know. Kind of mind boggling. Especially when guys like Selby and Benson on the board. Another thing – No Draft pick = no interest! What am I suppose to talk about with the guys tomorrow? “Oh saw that guy we picked and gave to New York? No? Ok Then.” They need fan interest to sell more seats. They didn’t do to well with that one tonight.

    Oh well. Life goes on. And I know the NBA wasn’t breathing down our necks on this one. This was their decision. I just hope they made the right one. X.X

    • James Grayson

      You’re right John, it sucks in large part because we can’t really talk about any kind of prospect. If the Hornets don’t use this money and extra flexibility to go out and make big moves then I will be furious beyond all comprehension.

      Really there’s not to many excuses left to let David West go and not sign Carl Landry. We have so many issues it’s about time the organisation showed the fans something to actually get excited about.

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  • dathrone

    I’m OK with this move. If you don’t think these guys will contribute right away(if ever) I’m cool with Demps selling the pick. Nobody that low in the draft will “charge” the fan base anyways.

    It’s better to wait and try to make moves via trades/free agency. We have to get better ASASP, this draft and that pick does little for that goal. I still believe the key to a successful offseason starts with trading Okafor. Not bring somebody in as the 45 pick.

    • James Grayson

      Very true, but like you said this team has to make moves sooner or later because all they’ve done since the season has finished is give away talent, not bring it in.

      If the Hornets don’t use this “flexibility” to resign both West and Landry AND get more talent at the 2-guard position, then I’ll be more than unhappy.

  • lucas

    I understand the frustration of fans, but we must understand that hardly a pick 45 can would bring an immediate impact. We have more important problems to be solved. And the fact that the franchise doesn’t have an owner? This limits the actions of our GM on Draft night. The word we need to get right now is PATIENCE.

  • Ian

    Everything aside from a couple of the comments here have all expressed disappointment with this move. I think it’s great. Look at their draft history. Cole Aldrich is in the D-League last I checked and Darell Arthur is averaging 9 points and 3 rebounds for 20 minutes of play? We don’t need those players and we came out on top for what we got back.
    This summer we need a shooting guard from free agency, and maybe address shortcomings in SF and C (in that order imo). We need to lock up West and/or Landry so we’re gonna need all the space we can get.
    The bottom line is would you rather have a player that can’t make a positive contribution or have $750,000 more towards a free agent that matters.

    • James Grayson

      Well I think that it’s not so much that we gave up a player as it is what the move says about the organisation. Drafting a guy in the second round means his contract is unguaranteed, so the salary won’t count against the cap. The money received from New York will not give us more cap room, merely more cash assets on the balance sheet.

      Because of that I don’t think it affects our ability to resign West or Landry as much as people think. Just remember, the Hornets in the last 4 years have only 1 player on their roster that they’ve drafted. Which means they’ve had zero talent development. As for the Cole Aldrich thing and Arthur, Aldrich was picked for the Thunder not necessarily because we liked him, and so was Arthur.

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