The NBA Lockout is Here and Some Links

Doomsday is here. It’s not official yet, but the NBA owners will be locking the players out sometime after 12:01 am when the current CBA expires. With no new CBA all league business is on hold. That means no trades or free agent signings. The NFL is locked out; the NBA will be locked out; this is going to be a long sports-less summer (for me at least)–but at least the Women’s World Cup is on, right? Links and a song after the jump…

Anyway, here are some links so you can learn a little more about this whole mess.

-One of the big points the owners have been making is that 22 of 30 teams are losing money for a total of $370 million in the red. Larry Coon of ESPN takes a look at those numbers a little more.

-Even more on the losing money topic: Deadspin got their hands on some of the New Jersey Nets’ financials from a couple of years ago. Give it a read to see some creative accounting.

-Arturo Galletti over at Wages of Wins takes a good look at the numbers behind the lockout.

-Henry Abbot of ESPN True Hoop has 11 thoughts about the end of the CBA. I like his optimistic take on things.

So hang in there everyone; this is going to be a long, drawn out fight. But in the meantime, we’ll still be here at Swarm and Sting bringing you Hornets coverage. And if you’re bored, let me know and we’ll meet up somewhere to watch the Women’s World Cup.

So tonight, I’ll leave you with this…

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  • dathrone

    Normally in situation like these I side with the players, but not this time. We are still in the middle of a economic downturn. Right now the owners are the only one paying for it. The players will take a huge paycut at some point better for them to make it sooner while they have they more leverage then later when there missing checks and desperate.

    I really don’t get how no middle ground is any where insight until people start losing are the fear of losing is so close they have no choice.

  • James Grayson

    Some really great links Jake. Really enjoyed the Accounting one to see the trickery of some NBA teams. The company that did the report of consolidated assets is actually an Australian firm, funny hey?

    As for the lockout, I officially have switched off from all CBA news. I’ll be checking in now and then, but ultimately I’ll be listening to what the Hornets do, or even what they can do.

    Oh well, should be a boring three months (with the NFL no closer to a lockout either).

  • lucas

    Of course that the NBA teams would operate in the red. Just look at the absurdities of contracts to mediocre players as Varejao, Okafor and JJ Redick. The franchises lost control of their spending and now pay fortunes to players who are far from being stars. The result is this. Whoever ends up getting hurt us, the fans.

    • dathrone

      The owners are mostly responsible for this, but the players do have a 57-43moment split in revenue and are fighting a more solid cap. Unfortunately for the players who is the most responsible isn’t as important as how this will be fix. And even more unfortunately for the player that solution will require them to take a big pay cut and have there options restricted with a more flex/hard cap.

    • James Grayson

      It’s more a cause of market forces. The fact that demand outstrips supply means that the prices will be inflated. What needs to happen is somehow they need to make a system where teams capacity to spend is equal for all teams.

      Whether that be through revenue sharing, decreased player revenues or a hard cap remains to be seen. I for one, just want a system in which small markets have an equal opportunity to build for championships, much like the NFL.

      Look at the Packers, Steelers, Colts, Saints, all of these small market teams competing for championships.

      The NBA needs an overhaul.

  • Cris

    Can someone tell me what happens to currently contracted players who’s contracts expire in 2012, If the whole season is lost Will those players become a Free Agent? Will teams lose the opporunity to trade players?(CP3)

    • James Grayson

      Yeap they probably will, one of the big draw-backs of this likely season long lockout.

      So if we lose the entire 2011-12 season Chris Paul would then have the option to opt-in to the 17.8 million dollars. However he would not be able to exercise one way or another if there was still a lockout.

  • Chris Trew

    And our situation is even worse, because in the midst of all this confusion we have not even an owner. That’s what worries me.

    • James Grayson

      It is a very worrying point Chris. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything that can even be done lockout or no. It seems like there’s a timetable for a transfer of ownership to take place and let’s face it, it’s more pleasing having the NBA own the team rather than Shinn (who would mismanage this organisation even more) or an owner outside of New Orleans getting ready to move them.

      Let’s just be patient, even if it sucks.

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