Carl Landry stares down your feeble offers.

Hornets Carl Landry Drawing Interest From Europe


In today’s news it appears that the Hornets free-agent Carl Landry is already receiving offers, this time from Europe. The news comes from NBC Sports’ Pro Basketball Talk:

Today’s list is headed up by free agent forward Carl Landry, who has interest from Armani Jeans Milano, according to the Gazetta della Sport (via Hoopshype). With all the rumors out there Landry is the one guy who could make the jump with little problem as he is a free agent and can sign anywhere he wants without needing clearance from FIBA. Not that Landry is going to make the jump, but the report is that Milano is interested and they have some money (guess who sponsors the team, just guess).

The problem with the report is that, if you actually go and look into the news it’s just some Italian writer weighing up options for his team who in turn speculates. It would be like me saying that Dwight Howard should sign with New Orleans, it doesn’t mean he will, it just means that I think he should and makes it all the more ridiculous.

Still, the notion that Landry will draw interest from European teams seems inevitable. First and foremost he is a free-agent, so he can do whatever the hell he wants. But second, his game and his price-tag, is something that most European ball-clubs might find very attractive.

Especially for a free-agent like Landry it might be very enticing to head over to Europe for a season. The only dielemma is that if he goes over there and an NBA season starts then he misses out on not just the opportunity to play in the US, but also the money and long term deal he was after.

Any deal completed in Europe should have an opt-out clause in the event that an NBA season starts. This might be very tricky for his agent to negotiate. But, if such a European team does not want a clause in it, then Carl should just move on to anyone who is.

In Other News…

David Andersen is heading back to Europe to play with Italian club Montepaschi Siena. Andersen, who was acquired from the Toronto Raptors mid-season via trade played sparingly for the Hornets. He now heads back to the Euroleague hoping to receive a much bigger role at the same kind of price he might receive in the NBA.

It appears that former Detroit Piston DaJuan Summers will join Andersen as he signed a two-year deal with the club.

Apparently though, Andersen’s contract situation isn’t as clear as we thought, take this excerpt from Hoopsworld’s Jason Fleming.

Well, here’s the deal: there is some conflicting information out there and Andersen may have another deal on his contract. HOOPSWORLD’s data says Andersen has a non-guaranteed year left on his contract worth $2.7 million. So do a couple other online sources (Sham Sports notes the deal is only guaranteed for $185,185 if he is waived by August 15th, 2011). Draft Xpress, for example, does not have Andersen down as having a 11-12 year on his contract.

Anyway, I think that this who situation becomes immensely more difficult with the lockout going on. The Hornets cannot contact Andersen or anyone directly associated with him. So if he plays in Europe, but isn’t bought out correctly there could be some legal ramifications. For memory, Andersen had a total team option for the upcoming season which the Hornets chose not to pick up. So to me anyway, I think it’s okay. But the legality depth is still quite uncertain.

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  • Jake Madison

    The Gazetta dello sport is 90% of the time completely garbage. Just ignore anything printed in there.

  • lucas

    Losing Marcus Thornton for only 4 months of Carl Landry. That’s my fear. And if that happens, I will never forgive Dell Demps.

    • dathrone

      I felt that way until I realised Thorton was a FA after this year. Clearly he and coach Williams had issues so he may have opted out and tested the FA market anyways. If he opts out we can still re-sign him. We still have a need there and he’s a Baton Rouge native. Unfortunately like I said it seems Monty and Marcus just wasn’t “vibing”.

      • Jake Madison

        He’s a restricted free agent which means the Kings could match any offer for him. Same would be for the Hornets if he was still on the team so he couldnt have just run off. But yeah the issues with Monty were bad and in the end the team is probably better off. Especially if we sign Shannon Brown.

        • dathrone

          Yes that’s right he is a RFA.

          Scary thought if there is no NBA in 2012 we may never see CP3 in a Hornets jersey again.

          • James Grayson

            Yea. It’s kind of weird how we need a lockout to secure the Hornets viability in New Orleans, but at the same time we need to resign, sign and trade for roster upgrades.

            I think a lot of people, especially us Hornets fans, want parity in the league. We need that first before we can start building for a championship. Hopefully parity is synonymous with keeping Chris Paul, but who the hell knows?

  • Igor

    I’m italian and live in Milan. I’m Hornets fan from the Charlotte era. I don’t know if this rumors are true or not, but Landry i think is a very good player for the New Orleans Hornets and is not much expansive. If Demps have a possibility to buy one big center, move Okafor and Landry (two very different type of players) in PF.
    La Gazzetta dello Sport is a normal journal, sometimes about the rumors are garbage, for help the journal… I think Armani Jeans don’t wanna pay much money for the players, is a very small market.

    • Jake Madison

      Igor, it’s awesome that you’re from Italy and a Hornets fan. I am always amazed at the reach this small-market team has all over the world.

  • Igor

    I hope in future the Hornets have one new real great president and big market but remain in New Orleans Jake.

    Is important for this beautiful, but “unlucky” (Katrina and BP) city.

    I think i’m not only Hornets fan in Italy.

    Geaux Hornets!

  • Chris Trew

    Forget Thornton. While Monty Williams is the coach, Marcus will not return to NO. And I also do not see Shannon Brown as a solution to our lack of talent in the SG position.

    • dathrone

      While Shannon wouldn’t be my 1st choice at the 2. He’s an an up grade from Marco. If he’s looking more for playing time than a huge pay day he may be affordable, and playing with Chris should get him a lot of open shots.

      • Jake Madison

        Honestly, once the CBA is worked out and free agency begins the Hornets will not be bringing in any ideal replacements at the 2. The money isnt there and as long as they don’t have an owner the NBA wont let them overspend. Brown is looking for more playing time and can get it in with the team. He also wont break the bank. I was talking with Mason from HoopDat on twitter and he think Brown, Landry and Glen Davis would cost about the same as West and Green. While I’d like to keep West, I could live with those three as the alternative.

        The other thing about Brown is that he attacks the rim and could run the fast break with Ariza and Paul.