Stade de France was the main stadium for the last Rugby World Cup

What Sports Will You Be Watching This Lockout?

Well, seeing as an NBA lockout is inevitable I thought it would be cool if we discussed some of the sports that we’ll be watching over the extended break (both this offseason and if we miss the season). Now usually I personally would shift my focus back to NFL, but a lock out there has also ruined the daily routine of sports news.


So what sort of things will you be occupying yourselves with? I’ll break down some of the other sports I follow and don’t be afraid to tell us what sports you’ll be watching over the next six-eight months.

Rugby World Cup

Every four years the Rugby World Cup partakes in a different country where 20 nations battle it out for the Webb-Ellis Cup. One of the biggest sporting events in the world, the Rugby World Cup usually has over 2 billion viewers.

For those of you unfamiliar with Rugby go and watch this video here. The basic are that you can only pass the ball backwards, you play both in attack (offense) and defense, if you drop the ball forward it’s a change of possession, there are no downs or distances, a “try” or touchdown is worth 5 points, the conversion is worth 2 but must be taken in line where the try was scored.

I’ve been to two Rugby World Cups, one here in Australia in 2003 and the next one in France in 2007. It’s the greatest festival with all different countries going to the country to support their team. The atmosphere is great, the Rugby is awesome and it’s just an all-around great time.

This year’s Rugby World Cup is going to be held in New Zealand (which Geographically is right next door to Australia). The favourites are usually the Kiwi’s, but they’ve been the favourties for the past 3 or so world cups, yet have choked at each occasion. If they don’t win it this year, expect there to be riots.

As for my team, the Australian Wallabies, we’ve been having problems transitioning on from our 2003 finals appearance (where we lost to England in the final). I think we’re in a good place and have a decent shot to win it all, but we’re going to have to play really well.

The Rugby World Cup goes from the 9th of September to the 23rd of October

The Tour de France is an event millions go to watch each and every year

Tour de France

For most of you reading this I can completely understand why you wouldn’t watch the Tour de France (which is a cycling event in France). The reason I watch the Tour is mainly because of the tactics and the respect I have for cyclists. When it gets to mountain stages it’s usually one of the most exciting things to watch because of the constant attacks and counter-attacks by riders.

It’s actually going on right now and I’m supporting Cadel Evans an Australian who is currently sitting second.


Finally, just something else. It’s most likely that in the event that both the NBA and NFL cancel their seasons, the NHL will become my main source of American Sporting entertainment. I’m actually a New York Rangers fan and am also a big Marian Gaborik fan too. The Rangers recently signed Brad Richards to complete their front-line, so pretty exciting stuff there. Hopefully they could be contenders within the next couple of seasons.

Please tell me, and everyone else, what sports you’ll surround yourself with in the event of a lockout. Will it be Soccer or maybe even Baseball, tell us who you’ll be following and what sort of things you’ll do to support those teams. After all, this lock out is going to suck.

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