Hornets free-agent forward Carl Landry looks elsewhere to advance his NBA career

Carl Landry Likely to Walk From New Orleans Hornets


In a recent interview with Jeff Washburn of JCOnline.com Hornets free-agent forward Carl Landry voiced his views on several hot-topics, including his future on the free-agent market.

“My dream always was to play in the NBA,” Landry said. “Playing in New Orleans is fine. I’m comfortable there. I’m glad to be there. I feel like I was a productive player in their rotation. I brought something to the table every night. I feel wanted there.

“But I would play in Indiana for the Pacers, and I’m from Milwaukee, so I wouldn’t mind going back there. You just never know where I will end up. I’m more than happy to play anywhere as long as I am playing in the NBA.”

Landry also expressed his views on the chances of playing in Europe…

“I’m sure the lockout will end one day. I just don’t know when. A lot of guys are trying to play overseas and make a little extra cash while this lockout is going on, but unfortunately in my case, I’m a free agent, so the smart thing for me is not looking into going overseas.

“Anything can happen. You prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If I would go over there and suffer an injury, then the lockout ends and I’m not able to sign the big deal that I’m hoping for. The lockout is just going to be a matter of time. I’ve saved my money over the past couple of years. I will be all right.”

First, let’s address his comments on his free-agency situation. Now, some might think I’m reading far to much into it, I probably am (lock-out syndrome…). The tone and choice of words profoundly resonates with his sentiments and his career prospects moving forward. Saying you are “comfortable” and that you felt “wanted,” isn’t exactly enthusiastic. Add in that he shifted his focus towards the Pacers and the Bucks and I think it’s more than likely that any offer that highlights playing time and money will win him over.

Remember the three things we talked about when it comes to free-agency.

1. Playing Time/Role

2. Contract and Market-Value

3. A chance to win

I don’t think Carl wants to be a Role player (even if he’ll play about 30-35 minutes a night behind West), nor will he get the best contract (if the Hornets re-sign West). Having said that, if Carl stays in New Orleans he increases the likelihood of building towards something special. As well, he could eventually take over from West later down the road.

This seems unlikely, in large part because he’s already 28 and he’s never been the go-to guy. Mentioning that he wants to go on to become an All-Star type of player only makes it clearer that New Orleans and Carl Landry don’t seem to go together.

Let’s just hope Dell Demps can convince him of being a Lamar Odom type for the Hornets…


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