Would Tyson Chandler At Least Listen to An Offer From New Orleans?

Tyson Chandler smacks down your feeble New Orleanian offer

In the upcoming weeks, we here at Swarm and Sting are going to throwing a number of questions out there about free-agency and trades and what not. Yes, I know you’re bored and so am I, but let’s have fun with this.

First off, the question of Tyson Chandler. After wading through limbo after being traded from New Orleans, it appears that Chandler has found himself a home in Dallas after winning his first ever championship. He appears comfortable and genuinely happy to be there. Yet he’s open to a lot of possible situations as of early as July:

“It’s a great point in my career, and I’m coming up under free agency and there’s a lot of great teams out there, a lot of great opportunities out there, a lot of up-and-building things,” Chandler said Tuesday in a phone interview. “So, I mean, I’ve got to take a look at all that. I’ve got to take everything into consideration, and the good thing is I’m on a good side. I’m coming off an incredible year, so it’s not a situation where it’s worrisome.”

By no means am I advocating that this indicates he’s coming to New Orleans, we do have Emeka Okafor. But what if Dell Demps at least tried to talk with Chandler?

The way I see it, things might happen a little like this.

 “Well we need to get bigger, we need size, on the market there’s Chris Paul’s buddy Tyson Chandler, what do you guys think?”

 “Oh yea, a defensive center, me like-y”

 (Accountant): “Yes, but he’s going to want a big payday, we can’t put all our eggs in one basket can we?”

 “Yes, but if we trade Emeka and maybe get a two-guard, it will open things up at the center position.”

 (Chief Marketing Officer): “Oh right, but err, what about his sour grapes attitude towards our organisation, and the fact we don’t have an owner, also we need to resign West, why are we even entertaining this idea?”

  “Because I said so”

 “No, because we have to look at all options Mont, let’s just gauge his interest in reuniting with Chris Paul, and tell him about how we’re trying to build something special here.”

  “What, a day spa?”

If Demps calls Chandler, would he immediately hang up the phone, or would he at least listen to what Dell has to offer? I know what you’re thinking, he’s going to get massively overpaid, but it doesn’t hurt to at least inquire.

At the end of the day I wouldn’t go after Chandler, no way, no how. My first priority would be David West, then a two-guard, then either Carl Landry OR another tall, lengthy big man (but where are you going to find that for an affordable price?)

My question to you, would you contact Tyson Chandler about joining the Hornets to at least see where he’s at, or would you not even bother?

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