I still love this jacket, but I also would love a restructured Emeka Okafor contract if at all possible.

Under a New CBA, Could The Hornets Restructure Emeka Okafor’s Contract?

Emeka Okafor’s contract has been a hot topic on this site for a long, long time. Too long in fact. While most of you appreciate Okafor defesive capabilities, the contract still proves bothersome. For good reason too, he’s due a whopping 12.5 million dollars next season which then escalates to 13.5 then 14.5 by the year 2013/14.

My question is, under a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, could the Hornets restructure his contract, perhaps even making it more affordable?

A while back we talked about the Amnesty Clause and whether Okafor was a prime candidate. We came to the conclusion that using it on Emeka was unlikely mainly due to the rule that the team had to release that player into free-agency before they were allowed to have another crack at him.

Cutting some of the dollars off of Emeka’s contract is essential if this team is to build around Chris Paul. While he brings outstanding defense and good rebounding, his contract is much more burdensome because he’s preventing the team from being balanced and deep.

The Hornets need to resign David West, need to find a starting/scoring two-guard, need to try and retain Carl Landry. They can’t do all of that with Emeka Okafor’s contract looking the way it does, bloated.

Dell Demps seriously needs to consider the prospects of eliminating dollars from Okafor’s contract. If the new CBA is the similar as the old one he may have to seriously contend with the idea of getting rid of Emeka all together.

I know he’s apart of our core, but at the price he’s going at, is he really worth it?

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  • daThRONe

    Unless we can take a chainsaw to that contract trade him. I don’t see us on a championship level team with him as our anchor. Sure he’s a top 5 post defender, but he struggles big time with height and doesn’t have the athletism to to be a dominant help side defender. And he gives us so little offensively. I want a center that can either score consistently in the paint or is a dominant post and help side defender(God forbid we get one that’s both).

    Especially if your talking about re-signing West. We just don’t have the size or athletism at the 4 & 5 with David and Emeka as our bigs. West and Jordan cool maybe even Josh Smith and Okafor, but the two of them together no way. I say we get rid/let them walk the whole “core”. West by opting out put us in a impossible position, and IMO Okafor isn’t worth the trouble. We should be trying to get young, taller, and more athletic. I trust that CP3 can take youngsters and lead them and get them to play at really high levels. I posted this trade in post here and I’ll post it again here.