Players Union and Owners Finally Meeting Up Before End of August

You know when things get delayed, or you put something off that you know has to be done you feel reluctant to even do the task at hand. When you finally get around to doing it, usually it’s a half-hearted effort that has all the wrong intentions attached.

This is what the NBA and the Union Officials representing the players are doing right as we occupy ourselves with other things in life.

David Stern is saying all the right things, from his interview with Bill Simmons, to basic tidbits with the media. He wants to get this thing in motion because he knows that the two sides are so far apart that getting them in the same room is an achievement in itself.

The ground issue is that both sides haven’t been able to see eye-to-eye on anything. Both the players and the owners have filed Civil suites with the courts for ill-found negotiating intentions and all that has done is sent them back four of five steps.

“If Labor Day comes and goes without us huddled in ready to kiss off our Labor Day weekend to make this deal, then we may be headed to a bad place,” Stern said during an podcast earlier this month.

So there’s the ultimatum, Stern knows that this thing needs to get going. It doesn’t help when you have guys like Derek Fisher being stubborn and delusional in meetings. I think the Players need to severely temper their idea of a new CBA and take what they can get.

So what do you guys think? Do you believe this thing is heading to a bad place early?

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