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Dealing With the NBA Lockout With Lessons From The NFL One

I can’t stand this lock out anymore than you guys can. The NBA as a sport is for the fans, is essentially made by the fans and is now neglecting the fans. I just don’t get it. Sure the Players Union wants the best deal for their employees and this is a business, but somewhere along the lines they’ve forgotten about the customer, the fans.

The news streams are dry and barren, the rumors all gone. We are now pawns in a big chess match to be played out in front of television camera’s. No longer can I take it, which is why I want to know how I can deal with this.

The NBA and NFL lockouts are dissimilar in structure and ferocity. Yet, we can take tips from one to use as medication for the other. After all it is sort of like a drug to us (should we quit as customers and make both the owners and players lose? A discussion for another time).

So here’s our tips to dealing with the lockout.

1. Ignore All News Until Two Weeks Before the Beginning of the Season

Essentially the best way to cope with all of this is to ignore all of the negotiating sessions run by the two parties. In all likelihood they’ll result in nothing. The Owners will come out to the media, say their bit, then the players and we’re no closer to a season than when it had started.

I don’t go on ESPN NBA at all anymore. My twitter feed is left barren with no NBA news. The fact that Javaris Crittenton is the only real headline of the NBA world is somewhat depressing.

2. Get Into Another Sport

I know, how can we cheat on the NBA? Well I say the hell with them. We are paying customers one way or another. As customers we control the power of the dollar. Just follow another sport, another team. Perhaps even follow a more exotic sport.

My advice would be to get into the Rugby World Cup starting in two weeks. I know none of you Americans will have any clue what it is about, but believe me, once you get into the rules you’ll love it.

The more practical solution is to start following the NFL more rigorously. I know I already have and it’s paying off somewhat.

3. Get Back into your Studies or Your Work

I know exactly what you do, because after all, you’re like me. Sometimes it’s all to easy to distract yourself with the NBA and it’s wonderful entertainment. Turn on a game and watch all the highlights on Sportscenter. Keep up to date with the latest trade rumors. It’s great. It sure is easier these days now that there’s no news to speak of, which is why we recommend you immerse yourself with your study and/or work.


The NBA is going to lose games. The two sides are too hot-headed and hell-bent on getting unrealistic terms of an agreement which is why it’ll take a few lost months of the season before they realise they’re both losing a bucket-load of money. As fans all we can do is wait and hope, but we must take the power back from both the players and owners and remind them who pays their salaries and who makes their profits.

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