It appears talks are heading in a better direction

Players And Owners Meet, But Don't Get Your Hopes Up Yet

The NBA owners and Players Association met yesterday for over five hours of talks, and both plan to meet again today. There are encouraging signs to take away from this: consecutive meetings (hadn’t happened prior), neither side taking jabs at the other through the media and, with time running out, hopefully added pressure to finally get a deal done. But still, don’t get your hopes up. At least not yet. But the fact that more meetings are being scheduled must mean that some progress is being made.

Also worth noting is the players confidence in Billy Hunter, the executive director of the NBPA. Sam Amick of wrote about a possible division in the players camp. It seems that many are blaming hunter for the lack of progress in negotiations over the CBA. There has been talk of a divide in the owners camp between small and large market owners, but this is the first time I’ve heard of anything like that going on with the players. Hopefully these rumblings force Hunter into a little more action. Right now I’m not counting on it, but I may change my mind after a couple of more meetings.

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  • daThRONe

    I’ll be shocked if some games aren’t missed. Once again this isn’t the NFL just bickering over how to divide the huge net gain. These are owners recording losses and players who are expected to make huge financial concessions to please said owners.

  • Mr. West

    Even though i think some games will be missed i honestly could see a world where we get a full season. One can only hope.

  • JamesGrayson

    October 1 is the deadline. If they go past that without parameters of deal in place games have to be lost. So a little under three weeks left before we start to lose games. The silence makes me think there’s progress being made, but that’s probably because they’re only working on the smaller things, therefore it makes it easier to meet at the middle.

    Once we start to get to some bigger issues I feel as if things will slow down much more and the real negotiating will begin.

  • Chris_G

    The fact that a large group will be meeting on Tuesday next week is a good sign. They could be ready to really discuss and agree on some things.

  • Mr. West

    Is the site ever gonna get updated again?

  • JakeMadison

    @Mr. West Give me a few more minutes, I’m going to have something up for all of you. This lockout is brutal on Hornets news.

  • Mr. West


    Just so you know, I wasn’t trying to be a jerk. (tone is so hard to convey over text huh?). I was saying that out of love. I enjoy reading your articles and seeing your opinions on stuff.

  • JakeMadison

    @Mr. West Don’t worry, I didnt take it like that