How long will Hornets fans have to wait for a new owner?

The NBA Is Ready to Negotiate With Local Buyers…AWESOME!

The big news of the day for Hornets fans is that the NBA is ready to negotiate with potential buyers interested in purchasing the team. The most important part of this news, according to, is that the NBA will only be negotiating with buyers interested in keeping the team in New Orleans. All of this comes the day after the Hornets threw an event to celebrate the sale of over 9,000 season tickets. Check out Hornets247 for some more details on the Hornets busy offseason.

So who’ll be the new owner? Gary Chouest anyone? Maybe Silvio Berlusconi? A mystery buyer hiding behind door number 3? Hopefully, in the coming weeks we hear some of the names of those interested in purchasing the club. But in the meantime, it should be fun speculating now that next step in finding an owner has started. Let us know your realistic and dream owners in the comments below.

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  • Chris_G

    The news we have all been waiting for. It will be huge if the Hornets can get an owner before the Lockout eventually ends and free agency begins.

  • JakeMadison

    @Chris_G That would be the ideal situation, and with the way the lockout is going, it could happen. That would make the team much more attractive to free agents

  • Chris_G

    @JakeMadison I dont see the Lockout having an effect on Jac Sperling negotiating with potential buyers, they obviously have a list of people who have approached them about ownership and are ready to buy the team. I always thought that finding ownership will be the most important factor in keeping Chris paul at the hornets. Finally for the fans we can have an owner who will be committed to winning.

  • daThRONe

    OK so if someboy buys the Hornets tomorrow will they be allowed to have input in on the new CBA? I know if I was buying the team I would do so as early as possible to get a vote on the new CBA.

  • lottoni81

    I’ll send an email to Eike Batista, a billionaire in Brazil and one of the richest men in the world. I’ll ask if he is interested in buying an NBA franchise. He loves sports and is concerned about environmental issues. I think investing in New Orleans would be a good option for him. Who knows?

  • JakeMadison

    @daThRONe In theory, yes. But once the NBA selects a buyer they have to be approved by all the other owners and that process usually takes a month