Things are looking bleak for an end to the lockout

NBA Lockout Stock Watch: Looking Bad

The owners and players met in New York City today, but no progress was made towards ending the NBA lockout. The NBA is expected to announce the postponement of training camps tomorrow. Before we all panic, this happened during the last lockout in 1998 and there was basketball played that season. But I’m starting to feel that we’re going to be missing a full season–and I’m usually a very optimistic person. How will this impact the Hornets? That, of course, remains to be seen, but we’ll start speculating on that in the near future.

How are you handling the lockout and preparing for a NBA-less year? Let us know in the comments below. And if you happen to be a Saints and/or NFL fan, I’ve been contributing to the new Saints blog Be sure to check it out!

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  • Chris_G

    Its a sad situation, I just dont see anything happening until the players start losing pay checks via cancelled games. For grown men(players & Owners) not been able to negotiate is rather disappointing. I dont foresee that the whole season will be lost but there will be a shorten season. Owners & Players just cant afford to go with out a season and more importantly the Fans will say Get F**ked to the NBA. As far as dealing with the lockout, Thank God for the NFL, Fantasy Football and Madden 12.

  • JakeMadison

    It’s such a shame they are wasting all of momentum from last season’s playoffs. The NBA had one of the highest rated seasons (from TV numbers) and there is no follow up.