The good ole days...

Getting the Sting and Soul Back In New Orleans

Remember that magical 2008 season? Seems like long time ago for Chris Paul and those Hornets. Something about that season always sticks out to me. The crazed hunger from every single member of the team. They all had something to prove, no one was at the top of their game. They all wanted to be right next to the greats.

Chris Paul had to win best point-guard honours as well as best player ones too. David West was still greatly unappreciated around the league. Tyson Chandler was considered a bust by most. Peja Stojakovic couldn’t stay healthy. Morris Peterson was past it and no longer a scorer. Byron Scott was still a mediocre coach at best.

Most importantly though, all of these traits reflected the city of New Orleans at that time. They were fighting for not only their own careers, but the city they played in. Sure it wasn’t sold out all the time, but the large amount that were supported them to the very end.

Moving into the present it seems a lot of that spunk, fire, whatever you want to call it, is gone. Chris Paul still has something to prove, but has already climbed to the top once before. David West has received the respect he deserves, yet is coming off an injury. Emeka Okafor has done nothing in his career of great significance and it doesn’t appear likely to change. Trevor Ariza has won a championship and Marco Belinelli is still prone to mistakes that over-rides any progress.

Next season, if there is one (it doesn’t seem like there will be) I want to see that passion from 2008. Whether that’s bringing in some new guys (Carl Landry was a great complement to last seasons team, he had that fire) or whether it’s starting from scratch, the Hornets must find a deep, talented pool of players that all have something to prove for themselves and the city of New Orleans.

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  • lottoni81

    I agree. The word there is REBUILDING.

  • Mr. West

    Okafor stole rookie of the year from Dwight Howard so thats something right? Anyhow, the more I think about it the more I think we were right where the thunder are now.
    Cp3 equals Durrant. Superstars.
    Chandler equals Perkins. Defensive Monsters in the middle.
    Dwest equals Westbrook. Second in command and stars but notsuperstars.
    Thornton/Collison equals Harden. Oozing with potential.
    Peja equals Ibaka. This one is slightly more of a stretch but stick with me lol. Botg players are specialist (three point and defensive/blocking respectively). Peja thrives with the beautiful assists Chris set him up with, while Durrant thrives from the fact that Ibaka handles a burden of defense that the thunder needs.

    Anyhow, now the thunder are expected to win a championship in the next few years and I would be suprised if we cracked the top 5 in the west next year. Am I insane to think this?

  • daThRONe

    We should be trying to get younger and more athletic. This should be the goal whenever there’s an offseason again.

  • JamesGrayson

    @daThRONe We musn’t also neglect the need to get some shooters too. Chris Paul works well with shooters. Yes being athletic is good, so too being young, but if we don’t have scorers around CP then there’s no point.

  • JamesGrayson

    @Mr. West I think the first few fit pretty well but then we sort of make stretches. I think that the core we had is very similar to OKC’s and was something to build upon.

    We need to remember that Tyson Chandler had big question marks injury wise so the trade with Charlotte was based upon that.

    It’s sad now looking back because we had a lot of good players and now we have almost nothing.

  • JamesGrayson

    @lottoni81 Rebuild with or without Chris Paul?

    We do have the chance to rebuild with him and I think that’s what Dell Demps has been trying to do. Remember he’s only been under the helm for one season and he’s completely transformed the roster, bar Chris Paul, Emeka Okafor and David West.

  • lottoni81

    @JamesGrayson I am in favor of trade Chris Paul + Okafor, everyone here knows that. Chris Paul will not be in New Orleans after 2012. We have to trade CP3 and send the Okafor’ horrible contract too. We have to start from scratch, with new talents who have a hunger for victory.

  • Mr. West

    @daThRONe I would agree as far as athleticism but we are a.pretty young squad. Our oldest player is Dwest and he is on the right side of thirty. Cp3, Marco, Jack, Qpon, and even Oak and Ariza are all relatively young. But again, I agree about athletism. We are one unathletic team.

  • daThRONe

    @Mr. West I want this squad completely blown up. I don’t want West back especially at the price he’s going to ask for.

    When I look at the players I would like(and think) the Hornets can acquire most are younger than what we have now.

  • Chris_G

    @lottoni81@JamesGrayson I have to agree with Lottoni81. Unless we do get the owner we need which would make Chris Paul give the Hornets another few years, I just dont see Demps being able to do enough espeically which the FA class that will available when the Lock out ends. I dont think Demps has the trade chips to pull off a big move, So using Paul to get rid of Okafor for some Draft Picks and role players seems a good idea, I think the majority of Hornets fans have conceded that Paul is leaving.

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