Partying At the NBA 2K12 Release In Australia

Me with some Sydney Kings at the Australian release of NBA 2K12

On Wednesday evening I had the privilege of attending the official Australian launch of NBA 2K12. With the NBA Lockout in full swing making me jump from seat to seat a video game comes as welcome relief to the maddening that has ensued the past few months.

At the event I was able to meet current Sydney Kings members including Jerai Grant (Horace Grant’s nephew) as well as Luke Cooper (has the second most assists in Div II basketball history in the US). As well I got to play the game, listen to Kid Mac (an Australian Hip-Hop artist who’s featured on the track, he also put together the documentary Bra Boys) and also got to hear from one of 2K’s developers.

The game itself looks and feels great. Isomotion is the biggest improvement, it feels easier to control as well as manipulate. I played a historic game as the Bulls against the Charlotte Hornets of old. Michael Jordan killed, but so too did Alonzo Mourning.

I highly recommend people buy the game (one big set-back is not being able to play with Rookies…damn you lockout).

I received the opportunity to attend as part of a NBA Down Under competition and I’d like to thank Andy Thomas for that opportunity, you can check out their work here.

All in all it was a great night, I played the game the other night, started my My Player and I was drafted by the Houston Rockets. They suck, we are 1-4 and not looking like a good season (the Hornets are 0-4…). So tell us, what do you most like about the game and have you started My Player? If so who were you drafted by? Tell us in the comment section.

  • Chris_G

    I got 2K12 a few days ago, 2k sports just make this game better every yr. I started my player mode as a SG 3 point shooter and got drafted by Philadelphia 76ers at #16, I really like the Pre-Draft interviews but I think they need to make the post game interviews more interesting. Have had a few goes with the association mode with the Hornets, I found that its harder to sign the best Free agents and CP3 never re-signs with the hornets regardless of what moves you make. However if you use Trade finder teams still offer ridiculously great deals for multi a player trade like Okafor/Paul or West/Ariza and so on. So it is still easy to build a winning team through trades if you blow up the roster, that part is still abit unrealistic. All up I love the game and its been a welcome distraction from the dire lockout situation.