Where have we heard this before?

Carmelo Anthony States The Obvious

Today, Carmelo Anthony said the most obvious thing ever: He would be happy if Chris Paul played on the New York Knicks. The Knicks and Paul have been linked together in rumors since before Paul’s infamous toast at Melo’s wedding, so this should be nothing new to Hornets fans.

This should also not be surprising because Paul is really, really, really good. Everyone should want him on their team. I bet Kobe Bryant wants Paul on the Lakers. I bet Lebron, Wade and Bosh want Paul on the Heat. I bet Derrick Rose even wants Paul on the Bulls.

Paul is a top 10 player in the NBA. Why wouldn’t someone want him on their team? This is such a stupid thing to put on the front page of ESPN.com. Don’t worry, Hornets fans, this is a complete non-story. Let’s all move on since there is nothing to see here.

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  • Sam’Sam’Sheehy

    Fire Kelly Dwyer!

  • lottoni81

    There is nothing concrete until June 2012. Expect to get up there to see what will happen. I think deep down we all know what will happen. That’s why I keep my opinion: Hornets need to trade CP3 once the lockout has an end.

  • Chris_G

    I dont think that he will end up in New York or LAL but I do feel that CP will be playing in a different jersey at some point if there is a season. Unless a new Owner along with Dell and Monty get CP to buy into what they have planned and get him to sign for another 3yrs I dont see anything other then CP leaving because he really wants to win, and the Hornets are not at the stage. There is a good Deal to be had from the Clippers, Oklahoma and maybe even Golden State.