Lil Wayne could be a potential investor for the New Orleans Hornets on a smaller basis.

Will A Celebrity Become A Part Owner Of The New Orleans Hornets?

Will Smith purchased a stake in the Philadelphia 76ers which will no doubt run the “Fresh Prince” tune through your head, but more than that it makes me wonder what the prospects are of any other celebrities stepping up to buy a stake in the Hornets.

With Labour negotiations pushing on in “first-gear” let’s turn our attention back to the Hornets ownership situation.

We all know about the “I’m In!” campaign and how well it’s going. It really has done a terrific job of infusing the organisation back into the community to make it New Orleans’ team. Apart of the campaign there were a lot of local celebrities, ranging from Chefs to politicians to Drew Brees himself.

This contingent of local personalities makes me wonder what the chances are of these guys investing financially in the Hornets, on a small time basis. Maybe Lil Wayne will mirror Will Smith’s image and decide to invest in the organisation. We all know he’s good friends with Chris Paul, we know he’s a Hornets fan as well as a big sports fan. Having Wayne be a cultural investment into the team will further connect the organisation with the city.

Not only that it would diversify its brand and get it in the national eye a little easier than before.

Wayne is just one example. I’m not sure what his investment portfolio looks like and if he has any capital to throw around. But investing in the Hornets would do great things for both he and the organisation. For the Hornets it would raise their profile with him as a small base owner, for Wayne it would give him a stronger connection to the NBA and a legitimate opportunity to make some money from a sport he loves so much.

I’m not saying he will, this is pure bullsh.. speculation.

If you guys think there’s any other examples that could invest in the Hornets I’d love to hear them in the comment section!

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  • Mr. West

    Weezy and Paul are friends, and hes a hornets fan? Awesome! Truly didnt know that. Having wayne own part of us would probably raise our fanbase a good bit. I know several Laker fans at my college who worship the ground Wayne walks on so they would have even more reason to like us other than theyre in their state.

    The only other “celebrity” that I came up with would be Morris Bart. Hes interested right? But that wouldnt exactly increase our street cred, but still nice to have him.

  • lottoni81

    I can only think of Gary Chouest. I still think he is the salvation of the franchise. I know you will laugh, but I’ll leave a suggestion for a Hornets’ minority owner: Shaquille O’Neal. Why not? He has a strong bond with the Louisiana State, is a LSU’ idol. And needless to say how much this guy is charismatic and loves basketball. What do you think?

  • VictoriaNicole23

    Amazing!Truly didn’t discern that. Having Wayne possess piece of us would possibly heave our fan base an excellent spot. I make out some Laker fans at my institution who respect the position Wayne march on so they would enclose still more basis to resembling us further than they’re in their position.

  • Mr. West

    @VictoriaNicole23 ..?

  • Joanna Wilson

    At least He has a sturdy connection through the Louisiana State. And unnecessary to utter how greatly this gentleman is charming and adore basketball.