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What Do You Want To Talk About Now?

So with the NBA lockout set to continue in court for the foreseeable future, Hornets news will be pretty slow. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still discuss various topics. So, let us know what you want to talk about! Want to talk TV shows? I’m a huge fan of the Walking Dead. Swarm and Sting readers playing Modern Warfare 3? Let’s all hop into a game! Whatever you all want. Don’t worry, we’ll still talk Hornets as well.

Give us ideas in the comments below, on twitter @nolajake and @jsgrayson, or email me at [email protected] Let’s try and have some fun while the lockout continues.

  • fergusonsarah

    Great content! Very interesting.. And a very entertaining video as well.. :)

  • Mr. West

    Anyone want to join my ign fantasy fantasy basketball league? Runs games on 2k12 and awards points as the ingame games go. Interesting concept atleast. Leave a comment if your interested.

  • JakeMadison

    Well, I guess now we’ll have to talk about the season!

  • AppsforiPhoneiPad

    I am really a great fan of Walking Dead too! They are really amazing.. And stalking Hornets sounds like a great idea.. :)