Dell Demps has his work cut out for him trying to get Chris Paul more talent.

The Salary Cap For The New Orleans Hornets

Salary Cap flexibility is one of the things every team must have moving forward in order to add pieces to their organisation. For a long time now the New Orleans Hornets have had little to no cap-flexibility due to an array of poor personnel decisions. With the likes of Peja Stojakovic, James Posey and Morris Peterson now banished into the history books, the Hornets can move on or move up.

The question for General Manager Dell Demps is whether they can do things with or without Chris Paul.

According to Fletcher Mackel the Hornets are going to go hard after David West, Carl Landry and an extra free-agent. If they can’t get them then his source says that Chris Paul will be dealt quickly, which makes sense.

So with this knowledge let’s take a look at the Hornets salary cap situation.

New Orleans Hornets

Salary Total: $45,516,223 for 7 players 

The Hornets have a lot of cap space which bodes well when trying to compete for the services of David West and Carl Landry because teams like the Indiana Pacers also have a lot of cap room. In terms of market value it will be very tentative wait to see where both of those players end up in the very shallow and dried up free-agent market.

David West will be attached with guys like Nene and Tyson Chandler, but really shouldn’t because his value is not that of a center. Rumours persist that the Pacers desperately want him and might even over pay him.

But how much is too much?

That’s the question that plagues not only our minds, but Dell Demps’ too I’m sure. West will surely command in the range of 8-11 million per year, so that could be about a 4 year/44 Million deal. This may be too much for the Hornets, but I can assure you that if West doesn’t stay that CP3 is gone. If the Hornets offer him at fair market value it’s possible that he may not even consider them. There are rumours that West has wanted out of New Orleans for a while now, frustrated with poor management, lack of ownership and never being able to capitalize on their opportunities on the roster.

This is new management though and it would be foolish of David not to consider Dell Demps and Monty Williams in a new light. Not only that but if a new ownership group comes in then there will be renewed hope.

As for Carl Landry you have to feel like a 6 million a year deal is something in the range of fair. Expect offers of about 4 years/24 million.

So if the Hornets offer those exact same deals aforementioned then this is what the team will look like salary wise.

What the salaries would like like IF the Hornets managed to resign David West and Carl Landry

If the Hornets then decided to go after a free-agent using their MLE of 3-5 years/15-25 million and resign Aaron Gray and Patrick Ewing then it will look like this.

Hornets roster after getting MLE, Aaron Gray and P. Ewing

This will be no means convince Chris Paul to stay in New Orleans. The MLE will need to go to a starting caliber shooting guard and I’m not sure if any shooting guard will be that cheap, especially in this market. The Hornets need to find a starting two-guard in addition to resigning David West and Carl Landry. If they don’t expect things to turn sour, fast.

Be sure to check out our Hornets Free-Agent Big-Board as well. It’s a comprehensive list of the top targets for New Orleans heading into free-agency.

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  • Chris_G

    Jimmy Smith from has made a few brief comments saying sources have indicated that once the labor agreement was reached that the league owned hornets could announce a new owner and lease agreement. I would like to see West, Landry & Ewing Jr brought back, Nick Young & Pryzbilla signed, and possibly shop Okafor at some point. Basically if West doesnt resign then Trade paul. I would be happy with a return of Rondo & Big Baby or Jeff Green. I dont think OKC will trade westbrook, CP wont resign with the Clippers & we dont want to trade CP to the Knicks for scraps. Whatever it is, its going to be a hell of a ride for Hornets fans over the next few weeks leading into the season and beyond.

  • JamesGrayson

    @Chris_G I think you’re right about if we can’t resign West then we get rid of Paul ASAP. I think that trading him for guys like Rondo and Big Baby wouldn’t be that good. Why? Because they’d probably keep us deep in the lottery and not in the top 5.

    If we get rid of Paul I want two things. Lottery draft picks and lots of young players. (Also getting rid of all the crappy contracts we have too and gutting the roster). We could do this via a three-team trade to make sure that we get either some young players or some lottery picks.

    That’s the best way to get back to being a contender within 10 years.

  • daThRONe

    I completely disagree. I truly respect West, but it’s ludicrous to pay him more than 8 million per season. I don’t think him and Chris or that closely linked. In a weak FA pool West will command more money than he’s worth. In such a short off season I wouldn’t invest the time into trying to bring West back.

    I would try to work some deal with Memphis and bring in Rudy Gay. I can’t see them keeping him and Gasol. We could purpose and even trade Ariza and athe 1st roundclass pick for Gay.

    Ship Okafor out of town to Minnesota for Beasley or trade him to some where like Houston, Philly, Golden State or any team in need of an over priced center for some much needed depth.

    Then I would make a big offer for DeAndre Jordan. The new rules for RFA should make it easier to acquire restricted players.

    A core of Paul, Beasley, Gay and Jordan should be appealing to Chris. Let’s face it even id we could keep a core of Paul, West, Ariza, and Okafor that’s getting us no where near a title.u

  • Chris_G

    @JamesGrayson Bro the problem is out of the teams CP will want to sign longterm with who can give us lottery picks and young players. NYK….NO, LAL…NO, ORL…NO,BOS…can give us something, POR can give us young players as well. CP would love OKC but I dont really think they will trade away a young healthy star in Westbrook even if they are getting CP. LAC is the only team that can give us picks and young players but owner Donald Sterling is a moron and I think Griffin will bolt from there the first chance he gets, no way will CP want to stay there. Three team deals are hard to balance in a fair way, if its a deal to NYK or LAL what can be offered to a 3rd team to want to give up picks or young talent?

  • JamesGrayson

    @daThRONe A lot of that is easier said then done. I too think that paying West 10+ million a year is a little bit too much, but that might be how the market plays out. I just think that if the Hornets can’t resign West then our chances of getting anyone else, to even think about signing a tender with us, or signing with us as an UFA will be a lot tougher.

    I’d love to bring in the youthful talent that you mentioned, but to be honest I think there’s more of a chance of us resigning David then going after Gay and Jordan who I think will either stay with their club or go elsewhere.

    Most of it has to do with the fact that we don’t even know what Chris will do himself. We can be right to assume if we bring in the talent that he should stay with us, but that’s a stretch.

    Most of this article was really a guessing game as to where David West’s value (and Landry’s) would lye.

  • JamesGrayson

    @Chris_G Yeap, which is why throwing a third team into a trade will get the Hornets that lottery pick and they could score some young players from the Knicks, Celtics etc. Just need to make it financially viable. Most of the time three team deals have moving parts attached to them whether it be cap space, veterans, a position of need etc. It’s tough but as a General Manager there are always teams out there wanting to get involved one way or the other. The third team doesn’t necessarily have to be a big market team. Sometimes it just falls into place.

  • Chris_G

    @JamesGrayson Espn’s Chris Broussard is reporting that CP3 wants to go to the Knicks firstly or to the Clippers. Im so sick of the Bullshit, lets have it happen before Dec 25th so we can move on from it. I would like to see Dell & Monty build the team they want throught the draft.

  • Chris_G

    @JamesGrayson Chris Broussard is reporting that CP3 wants to go to the Knicks firstly or the Clippers. The Clippers want Dwight firstly. Im so sick of this BS, Lets have it happen before 25th dec so we can move on from it. I want Dell & Monty to build the team they want through the draft.

  • daThRONe


    I realize we’re in a really tough spot and there’s no easy solution. My point is even if we bring back everybody from last year that puts us right where we were last year. Another early playoffs exit. Let’s take advantage of the cap space and get younger and hopefully more talented.