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Should The Hornets Be Worried About Not Landing #1 Pick?

As of late there have been many doubters of the star power potential of this years NBA draft class. Anthony Davis is the only player in this years who is expected to be a star and make an immediate impact in the NBA. This has caused many Hornets fans to be worried that if they do not land the number 1 pick and Anthony Davis, all hope will be lost. I beg to differ.

I am a believer that this years draft class will be a great one. Even if the Hornets do not land the #1 pick they still will have two picks within the top ten. I think this draft has so much potential that any team with two picks in the entire first round will be in an excellent position to improve their team.

The Hornets have a need for a more dominant player at EVERY position. They almost could not go wrong with who they pick in the draft. The main issue that the Hornets need to resolve before the draft is what are they going to do with Eric Gordon. He has 0 years left on his contract and because of his scoring ability and injury proneness, he will most likely demand as much money as he can get. That could be a max contract worth around $80 million over 6 years. If the Hornets decide they are not willing to give up that kind of money for Gordon they need to at least try to work out a sign and trade. There has been a rumor that the 76ers will be looking to ship Andre Iguodala elsewhere, that could be an option. The Hornets could even send Gordon somewhere with one of their 2 lottery picks for a dominant young player.

I would not be too worried about the Hornets right now, they have plenty of great options and possibilities to make the team better this off-season. With two lottery picks, a plethora of cap space, and trade pieces it would be really hard to make a bad decision at this point. Im just excited to see which decision they make!


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