Hornets Won NBA Draft Lottery Fair & Square

We can all put the rumors to rest that NBA draft lottery was fixed. David Stern did not ensure the Hornets the #1 pick. According to Sports Illustrated who had a reporter in the drawing room, the Hornets simply lucked up and the ping pong balls bounced their way.

“The balls are drawn from one of those air-powered lottery machines more than an hour before the television broadcast of the lottery, in a room open only to officials from the 14 lottery teams (one from each) and a few media members. Everyone in the room must surrender mobile devices and slip them in yellow packing envelopes, and no one is allowed to leave until ESPN’s telecast is over.”  – SI.com

Even though they did not televise the drawing of the ping pong balls, David Stern did not draw the balls by himself in his office. So to everyone who still thinks the NBA draft lottery was a haux please go read “Behind The Scenes At The NBA Draft Lottery“.


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