NBA Draft Rumors From Around The League

It has been a week now since the Hornets have won the #1 pick in the NBA draft, but lets take a look at what the other teams have been doing post lottery.

The Charlotte Bobcats are ready to make the best of their situation with the #2 overall pick. Bobcats GM Rich Cho said,

“The last time I was with a team that picked number two, we got [Kevin] Durant so we’ll see what happens.”

So I would not expect the bobcats to make a trade at this point. They will probably go with Kansas big man Thomas Robinson. He seems to be a solid player who will for sure be a contributor in the NBA. Unlike Uconn center Andre Drummond who has a ton of questions marks around him.


The Washington Wizards have the #3 overall pick and it has been reported that they really like Florida gaurd Bradley Beal. Beal has been compared to Ray Allen and Dwayne Wade. The Wizards also like Micheal Kidd-GIlchrist but if both are on the board they will likely take Beal.


There have been a lot of rumors revolving around the Cleveland Cavaliers who currently sit with the 4th overall pick. They also have 3 more picks in this draft, 24, 33, and 34. I believe they are trying to package a few of those picks to move up in the draft. They supposedly offers their #4 and #24 to the Bobcats for #2, also to the Blazers for #6 and #11 picks.

Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist has expressed that the Cleveland is his preferred destination, but the feeling may not be mutual. The Cavaliers also have been said to be very high on Harrison Barnes at #4. They were aiming at getting him last year in the draft at #4 before Barnes pulled out.


The Portland Trail Blazers reportedly have interest in signing Steve Nash but to do so it may take a sign and trade via the Suns. Im pretty sure 1 of the 2 lottery picks the Blazers own would have to be included in that deal.


The Warriors have every possible available small forward in the league on their wish list right now. With Steph Curry, David Lee, Andrew Bogut, and good young guards a elite small forward would bolster the Warriors next season. Expect them to select the best SF available when they are on the board with the 7th overall pick. Also there are rumors of a few forwards that are on the trading block right now; Rudy Gay, Andre Igoudola, Danny Granger, and Nick Batum could all possibly be included in a trade to Golden State.


The Raptors have the 8th pick and like the Warriors will do whatever it take to get the best player they can. I’ve heard they are trying to package the 8th pick with a player like Ed Davis or Bargnani for a established dominant player. If not they will take the best available player on the draft board.


The Detroit Pistons have been surprisingly quiet so far. Besides Joe Dumars saying he will try to use their 9th pick to fill a need rather than just selecting the best available player like they did in last years draft. They drafted point guard Brandon Knight while they had Rodney Stuckey, Ben Gordon, and Will Bynum. Wasn’t a bad pick but they definitely could have used a bigger guard or forward way more.

That concludes my rumors from around the league, for now. Check back later for more updates from around the league.




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