Edin Bavcic is the man who the Hornets just traded away their starting point guard(Jarret Jack) for, technically. Bavcic still has not made the jump from playing overseas to the NBA after being drafted 56th overall by the Toronto Raptors in 2006, yes 6 years ago. So all the Hornets got in return for Jack were the draft right to Mr. Bavcic if he ever decides he would like to join us here in America.

Before the draft in 2006, here is what Draft Express had to say about Bavcic,

Edin Bavcic had a pretty good showing here. He’s a perimeter-oriented power forward who stands somewhere between 6-10 and 6-11 on shoes, and who enjoys nice athleticism and a solid enough physical set. He loves to hang around the arc and shoot three-pointers, where he shows nice accuracy and good mechanics. From time to time, he also attacks the basket, showing good handles and nice quickness. He can also be pretty aggressive going for the rebound. However, we miss some inside game, some post skills. Anyway, he’s a promising guy that already gets consistent playing time in the Adriatic League with Bosna, but we still are not sold on him.

Bavcic is now 28 years old and has played for 8 different EuroLeague teams. He is a 6’11 Power Forward and I have no idea what he is capable of. He may very well never step foot in a Hornets uniform.

Here is a highlight clip of Edin Bavcic that was made in 2007. I am not impressed with the film quality but apparently he can shoot.

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