Top 5 Worst Hornets Players Ever Through First 1000 Minutes

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Starting from 5 I am going to countdown and go through the worst players ever to wear a Hornets uniform. When I say ever I really mean ever. Players in this statistical field range from the 1946-1947 season up to now, 2012-2013.  The only requirement is that the player has played 1000 minutes in a season. Players will be ranked based off of their Player Efficiency Rating (PER), a measure of per-minute production. The league average PER is 15.



Courtney Alexander 

Courtney Alexander played for the New Orleans Hornets 2002-2003. He played in 66 games for the Hornets that year seeing 1360 total minutes. He averaged 7.9 points per game for the Hornets but finished the year with a 9.3 PER. Alexander was in his 4th season in the NBA, it was also his last.








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