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Writers Roundtable: 5 Questions About the Pelicans Season

Now that our season reviews are completed the Pelican Debrief staff has joined together in a five question roundtable to put a wrap on the full season looks at the roster. Check out all the answers below and feel free to leave yours in the comment section below the article.

1. Which of the 15 guys we profiled had the worst 2013-2014 season? 
Andrew: Luke Babbitt. There is a reason Babbitt played the least minutes out of anyone who ended the season with the team. Let’s just say I won’t be surprised if I don’t see him in the league after his current contract.
Chris: Of guys that actually played enough to have a bad or negative impact, that would be Greg Stiemsma. Turnovers with high usage, negative impact while on the floor, and the only thing he seemed to be good at was helping his own scoring stats.
Matt: Of all the guys we profiled only Greg Stiemsma didn’t finish the season on the Pelicans roster so I’m going to go with him. He turned it over a ton and was a net negative. Defensively, which is where he strength was supposed to be, he didn’t really help either. Simply put, he was awful.
Rick: Greg Stiemsma. The Pelicans gave him over 2 million dollars for one year. To say he didn’t live up to expectations is a huge understatement. Going from starting center to free agent in one season says it all.
2. Which profiled player had the best season? 
Andrew: Anthony Davis. He went from first overall pick to star,  in just his second season in the league. What is scarier is he looks poised to make the jump to superstar next season. He was awesome, to put it lightly.
Chris: Anthony Davis and isn’t even close. He’s getting been getting Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan comparisons all season. The guy is legit.
Matt: Anthony Davis. He became a borderline Top 10 player in the league this season and put up offensive numbers that some people were never sure he would be capable of. His jumper has become a legitimate threat and his shot blocking was top of the league good. And he is only 21.
Rick:Anthony Davis. We all had a feeling he was going to have a big improvement from his rookie campaign, but he went from exciting rookie to All Star in one year. The leaps and bounds he has made to improve his game made up for the mass injuries this season.
3. Which profiled player had the most disappointing season? 
Andrew: Tyreke Evans. He came into the season as the supposed 6th man who was going to solve problems but Evans had a hard time fitting into that role. Towards the end of the season he showed us what he should be starting, but the season as a whole was disappointing.
Chris: Probably Tyreke Evans. A lot of it wasn’t his fault because of the horrible spacing, but I was really hoping he’d be better than he was. Instead he was inefficient, couldn’t space the floor, and some really awful moments on a fairly expensive contract.
Matt: Eric Gordon. After the past few years we knew the Gordon contract was never going to be good but this season was another drop in production from Gordon. Combine that with a bunch more missed games and it was easy for me to take Gordon.
Rick: Eric Gordon. It was another awful campaign for Gordon, who continues to lack any rhythm and consistency on this team. His PER was 14.9, at least 2 PER points lower than AD, Tyreke, Jrue and Rhino. For the money New Orleans is paying him, it’s a huge disappointment.

4. Which profiled player had the most encouraging season?  

Andrew: Maybe I’m the only person who thinks this, but Austin Rivers showed us that he might not be a terrible player. If he can improve next season yet again, then he wins most encouraging player award for this team.

Chris: In the short time Ryan Anderson played he was really good, so I can’t help but be encouraged by what he can possibly do when healthy.

Matt: I am going to go with Austin Rivers as well. I never thought Rivers would actually become a productive NBA player so for him to have a season like he did this year was a nice sign. He won’t ever be a star but he looks like he has the potential to be a good backup point guard one day.

Rick: Alexis Ajinca. Being signed on as a free agent, the expectations weren’t too high on Ajinca. Yet he was able to eventually take the starting role alongside AD and really find a smooth game. He’s not a big stat stuffer, but was a solid pickup and played really encouraging basketball all year.

5. Which profiled player had the season that stood out the most for you, good or bad? 

Andrew: I’ll go with Jrue Holiday, he was playing pretty darn well before the injury took his season from us. The only thing that I feel a need to point out as bad is the fall in his defensive rating. Keep your eyes out folks.

Chris: Austin Rivers season stood out to me. He went from a guy that looked like he shouldn’t even be in the NBA to an actual NBA player. He was still not good but the improvement stood out to me none the less.

Matt: Anthony Davis. Since I saw Davis  live when he visited UGA as a freshman at Kentucky I have been waiting for the moment he becomes a top 10 NBA player. This year I think he did. It was a ton of fun to watch and the future has me incredibly excited for what I think will be things we have never seen before.

Rick: Ryan Anderson. The whole year was a roller coaster of unfair for Anderson. From going through personal problems in the offseason to having a year where he puts up his best numbers be shortened by a vast amount of injuries, you just have to feel for Anderson. He puts in so much work and effort and this season tortured him. Hopefully next year brings be a healthier and happier season. 

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