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Daily Debriefings: The Spurs Aren't Mortal

Well that wasn’t what anyone expected. Just a few nights after walking into Miami and torching the nets on their way to a big win the Spurs dominated yet again to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the 2014 NBA Finals. It takes a lot of luster out of things considering how great the first few games of the series were but it may be time to start talking about where these Spurs rank as all time greats.

The Recaps: Here are the Fansided recaps from last night’s game. First from the Spurs blog Air Alamo. Then from the Heat blog AllUCanHeat.

We Should Have Seen this Coming: We all wanted this series to go long and be another instant classic but as Evans Clinchy says for Hardwood Paroxysm that wasn’t likely. 

We all told ourselves we were assured another seven-game classic – that these were the two best teams, and they both execute so flawlessly, and every game’s a coin flip, and as the old cliché goes, they would both trade blows like prizefighters until one delivered the final knockout punch.

Here’s the thing, though – that’s not how coin flips work. That’s not how basketball works at all, really. Whether or not we’re willing to admit it, sports are governed at all times by random chance, and random chance cares not for your desire to see a long series.

The One We Will Remember: Paul Flannery on how last night was the Spurs masterpiece. 

So You Are Saying There Is A Chance? I’m not sure there is any way to beat the Spurs right now but HoopsHabit has five ways the Heat can try. 

The Bounceback: HoopsHabit also has a piece on the New Orleans Pelicans and what the expectations will be for Jrue Holiday next season. 

Draft Stuff: The Pelicans may not have a draft pick this year but that doesn’t mean there isn’t intrigue. Hoopshabit also looked at the Cavs options at the number one spot. 

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