2014 NBA Draft: The 5 Best Fits for the New Orleans Pelicans

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks of talk the 2014 NBA Draft is finally upon us. At the moment the New Orleans Pelicans have no picks in the draft but the team had reportedly been working hard to acquire a pick as a way to draft a small forward or center. Things obviously changed with the acquisition of Omer Asik last night. With Asik now on board the team seems set at center, at least for next season as Asik and Anthony Davis could combine to form one of the more intimidating front court defenses in the NBA.

What remains unclear is what the Pelicans will be trying to do tonight during the draft. The team still has a hole at small forward in a draft filled with small forward prospects and an asset in Pierre Jackson that may be enough to get them into the late first or second round.

Once the news came out that the team was trying to acquire a pick Pelican Debrief started breaking down a ton of prospects that could be potential targets for the team. As a final wrap up to that series here are five players that would seem to be the best fit in order of where they would probably be taken. The first iteration of this list included Mitch McGary and Walter Tavares but obviously with the news of Asik things changed, now we have five small forwards that seem to fit with the team.

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