New Orleans Pelicans add Seth Curry to Las Vegas Summer League roster

While the New Orleans Pelicans are in the process of finding a head coach for next season that doesn’t mean that everything else stops moving. With a lack of draft picks and real young players on their roster, the Pelicans had to make sure to get moving on fulling up a roster for the Las Vegas Summer League in an attempt to find the next hidden gem on the market. They took a step towards fielding a team today when they came to an agreement with Seth Curry according to Shams Charania of Real GM.

Curry spent time a few games with the Phoenix Suns this season and has been on the NBA radar as a deep roster player over the last few seasons thanks in part to his shooting abilities.
Curry’s problem has always been finding a position though as at 6’2” tall Curry doesn’t really fit as a shooting guard where his shooting skills would be more valuable. Instead he has needed to play point guard, something that he hasn’t looked comfortable doing yet at the NBA level.

The agreement makes sense for the Pelicans though. Looking at the main roster it seems likely that only Jeff Withey could see time on the Summer League roster, so New Orleans was going to need to get guard depth. To get a chance to have Curry around whoever is on the new coaching staff of the Pelicans is a smart move as he was being talked about as a potential D-League call up at the end of the season. By seeing Curry on a day-to-day basis over the summer, the Pelicans can see if he is in fact worthy of a roster spot as a third point guard.

At the very least if it doesn’t work out it gives the Pelicans Summer League team a player that can get hot at any moment and make them fun which is always a plus for fans that watch the games.

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