Getting to Know New Orleans Pelican, E’Twaun Moore

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The New Orleans Pelicans signed combo guard E’Twaun Moore to a four year, 34 million dollar deal last month.  Let’s take a Pelican dive into six things you may not know about one of our newest Birds.

On July 1st, General Manager Dell Demps and the New Orleans Pelicans scored a four year 34 million dollar deal with ace defender E’Twaun Moore.

With $75 million dollar contracts being handed out to forwards Evan Turner and Allen Crabbe, the Pels’ brass has to be happy with the numbers on the end of E’Twaun Moore’s contract.

For the 27 year old NBA journeyman, the guaranteed contract has to be a dream come true.

“Don’t let where you are from deter you and keep you from living your dreams. Always push forward and stay positive and you can do whatever you want to.”- E’Twaun Moore

Through five seasons in the NBA, Moore can only claim career earnings equal to five million dollars on four different squads (not including the Pelicans).  Moore has also never acquired a contract longer than two years.

Moore on that in a bit. 😉

E’Twaun Moore has always been an underdog and has embraced the role, while rising above it.

Let’s take a Pelican dive into six things you may or may not know about one of the newest Pelicans.

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