How To Save The Pelicans Season With One Simple Signing

DENVER, CO - MARCH 13: Roy Hibbert
DENVER, CO - MARCH 13: Roy Hibbert /
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What, you actually thought I would suggest the Pelicans sign Roy Hibbert? Trust me, the Pels have enough whiney, immobile trees on their roster.

But don’t click away just yet, as I have an actual suggestion for who the Pelicans should sign. A player that could actually help the team heal from the trauma of DeMarcus Cousins’ injury. A player who has been proven to go the extra mile. A player who can be a sort of secret weapon or wild card for NOLA.

Of course I am talking about the GOAT. Or, as some people like to call him, this guy…:

For those of you unaware, this man jumped on the court in FULL PELICANS GEAR against the Houston Rockets during warmups and managed to put up an amazing jumper.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and no, this man has never played in the NBA. Looking at his physique, it’s safe to say he’s also not in “NBA shape.” However, I truly believe that this guy would benefit the Pelicans for these four reasons.